Lipscomb at Arkansas

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FKFK ……that stat just looked bad

Fouch is gone from somebody I thought was going to be really good to somebody who’s absolutely awful …he is totally lost his control which used to be one of his strong suits he’s about to get us in Big Time trouble

Yeah we are in the process of really mucking this up

Two consecutive errors (even though the second one can’t be scored as such) after Foutch loaded them with gifts

We’re stinking in the infield.

At this point, I’m convinced Foutch is in his head. That’s three straight outings without recording an out — lots of balls.

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Gotta be totally mental
No way he could just lose all mechanics that bad

Do they have access to a sports psychologist?

He needs to find some confidence. Morris did a great job getting the ground balls the defense don’t get it done but he did get the hogs out of the jam in a tie instead of being down. They just need to score a few here. With runners on 1st and 2 nd no outs the hogs need to score a couple.

It has to be mental he isn’t close to the strike zone with most of his pitches and when he hits a corner he won’t get the call. Maybe he’s feeling too kI h pressure.

Neville can’t get the bunt down. Wow. Trying to be too perfect with the bunt. I’d tell him to bunt again. Well he adds to his K count. Poor AB.

Someone needs to tell Phil there is no such thing as “bisons”

The plural of bison is “bison”

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Lipscomb’s nickname is Bisons — kind of like the Elkins Elks.

Bolton can get it done here with a walk.
Can Diggs get the big hit?

Bhorfren can’t let an iffy pitch go by. Wasted opportunity once again.

Glad morris is pitching well. This team needs to show some energy.

That’s right let them stay in the game. :joy::eyes:

I think that’s exactly what it is Matt. I obviously can’t see the game I was following it on game tracker but he is really struggling right now and we definitely don’t need him to be doing that.

Good to see Morris have a great outing 2 innings and 4 strikeouts hopefully he’s really getting back in a groove

Well that would make them dubious as an institution of higher education!

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Bybee about to give up the lead for us Base hit and a walk nobody out…