Link: Reid Miller starting at Montana

I enjoyed every visit I had with Reid Miller during his three years at Arkansas. He’s starting in the secondary at Montana. He’s made 44 tackles for the Grizzlies, picked off two passes. Reid missed a lot of spring practice at Arkansas last year because of an emergency appendectomy and decided his best option to get regular time on the field was at a lower classification. He’d been mainly a special teams player in his three years at Arkansas.

Here’s a Q&A with Reid on the school’s website from last week: … h=football

Thanks for the update Clay. I was hoping he would find a place where he could get on the field more.

I also noticed he cut his hair; doesn’t look like the same person. Montana is one of the better FCS programs in the country. I looked at their schedule and they are 4-3 this season. They end with a big rivalry game against Montana State, also known as “The Brawl of the Wild.”

Reid also plays in one of the most picturesque stadiums in the country.

Thanks for posting that picture Matt. It’s a gorgeous place. I get notes from Reid’s parents. I’ve been invited to visit them in Holidaysburg, PA. That is also one of the gorgeous places in the world, near State College, PA., surrounded by some world class spring creeks full of big trout. Reid is going to be successful no matter where he goes. I would encourage anyone needing supply chain help hire him. He is brilliant and is going to be an asset to any company.

As a side note, I picked Reid out of the team photo because I knew he’d cut his hair. Hjalte Froholdt told me that on media day. Reid was looking for a new look for a new start. I picked him out in the front row of the team photo because he looked just like his father with his hair cut. All of the Millers are classy folks. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know them.

I am happy for him. Finally getting to play. He has hug heart and love for the game