Lineup tweak

Dave Van Horn said today that he is looking at changing the batting order some this week. He mentioned Christian Franklin as one of the players he is looking to possibly move, down in the order from the two hole on opening weekend. I thought before the season that Franklin would be a middle-of-the-order hitter.

If that happens, I bet you’ll see Kjerstad move to No. 2 in the order and Goodheart to No. 3. I think Van Horn has been influenced by the trend he sees in MLB and likes having his best hitter in the two hole.

My lineup:

1, Casey Martin
2, Heston Kjerstad
3, Braydon Webb
4, Matt Goodheart
5, Christian Franklin
6, Casey Opitz
7, Cole Austin
8, Robert Moore
9, Jacob Nesbit

and that would be against a righthand starter. That would be R-L all the way through except at 9-1. Opitz and Moore are switch-hitters. You could flip Moore and Nesbit if you wanted to give Nesbit more ABs.

I like your idea with the exception of Nesbit! Id like to see him bat higher in the order.
One thing for sure you could flip the lineup in a lot of different ways and have positive results.

I like having a great hitter ninth. Nesbit would move up against a lefty. He is much better against lefty pitching

Well your right again! Will Dudley be at the ball park again this weekend keeping Matt out of the weather?

Dudley will be there some, as well as me. But Matt will be there, too. We will be full strength. Bullpen will be solid.

The fun thing about baseball is that you can play around in your head about batting orders. None of us have all the information to get why DVH does what he does but it’s fun to fill out our own order.

I used to play Stratomatic baseball and the fun part is you did get to make out the batting order.

Make sure Matt stays healthy for baseball season. He can take off during football season.

The thing I love about our lineup is how balanced it is.I think it should set up very well against both left-handers and right-handers with our switch hitters in it. Looking forward to seeing how we do against Gonzaga, they have a couple of very good pitchers

It will be fun to see how our hogs handle the off speed and soft stuff. We know they can hit fastballs.

Yeah the LH we see Friday has a very good changeup which has always giving us fits

I remember that Chad Spanberger didn’t really take off his last year until they moved him to No. 2 in the order. After that, no one could get him out.

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Have astute baseball people been wrong for over a hundred years? The best hitters always hit 3rd or 4th. Now, things are different…thanks to Billy Bean and others.

I still believe you put your guy at 1 who can work the count and hit, too. A guy who has a high on base percentage…then a guy who can handle the bat at 2 and your best hitters for power at 3 and 4. I watch a lot of MLB and am shocked at how nobody can bunt or make contact or move the runner along into scoring position. Base running looks like Little Leaguers making bad decisions, running into outs. Guys who are smart and can run the bases like Kris Bryant and others are rare. That is a skill, just like hitting.

Arkansas is well coached…you don’t see a lot of this, but we still don’t bunt or move guys into scoring position like the old days. Hitters have trouble making contact. Weird.

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