Lineup question for insiders

Has Nesbit ever played 1B? Wondering how solid the defense would be with Nesbit at first, Ezell at second, and Kinley at third.

After tonight I don’t think you’ll see Ezell back at second base for a while. His shoulder is nowhere near ready to play there.

To answer your question, I think Nesbit can play any position in the infield, but he’s much better on the left side.

The ones who have worked the most at first base are Jordan McFarland and Matt Goodheart. McFarland never looked natural there last year, but I’m told he looked much better in the fall. He just needs to hit. Mostly, you are going to put someone at first who adds to the batting order. I don’t know that it’s ever about just picking out the guy who can play the position the best.

I saw McFarland catch a popup foul ball during Fall Ball. He got applause from his teammates and the crowd. He doffed his cap.

Yes, I remember seeing that. He sometimes struggled with seeing those all the way into his glove last season.