Lineup changes for Goodheart?

Wondering if DVH will move Goodheart down in the lineup tonight? The leadoff spot needs someone to set the table, and all those strikeouts don’t help.

Maybe put Goodheart at 1st and let Welch DH. But yeah, moving Moore down in the batting order seemed to help him as well.

DVH is going to let Goodheart hopefully hit his way out of the slump before regionals. Now, if he doesn’t improve, it will be interesting to see the lineup when it really counts.

That’s a possibility. If you play Smith at first base, Nesbit has to play third and Jacob isn’t hitting any better than Goodheart is. But Welch is hitting better than anyone.

That would be my idea.

Goodheart did not impress me at first when he played there some midweek games

Goodheart needs a mechanical fix in his swing if he’s to snap out of this. It’s thrown off his timing. I’m a bit disappointed in the batting coach if he hasn’t noticed and tried to fix it. Perhaps he has and Goodheart just hasn’t yet been able to fix it without overthinking everything.

He’s smashing it in BP. He’s always had gyrations. I think the lead off spot was designed to get him more ABs. Not jump start the offense.

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