Up front, Oline was just not SEC quality. Dline allowed to much positive runs, and a poor pass rush. Neither were up to SEC standards. A whole lot of work to do before next Sat. At least they have a little time, still I fear what they need cannot be fixed in 10 days. Hope I am wrong.

Not sure what your issue is with the DL stopping the run.

We gave up 80 yds rushing on 31 carries and much of that was on the botched punt scramble for 26 yards.

Take that one ST play away and they rushed for 54 yards on 30 carries–1.8 yards per carry.

i thought the DL did very good and the OL looked good to me other than its obvious to me C Jackson is not good enough to be an SEC left OT,he is exactly what I thought he would be,very weak run blocker and just average pass blocker he stood out like a sore thumb in a position where you cant be bad!! He better get better quick or AA will get hit a lot again…very dissapointed in seeing my fears about him play out against FAMU!!of all teams

Jim, I agree about the Oline. Pass pro was not good, especially by the tackles. The interior run blocking was ok. D line looked ok against a weaker team, but I expected them to look more dominant.