I like all of these guys we have been getting, but where are the linemen. We need big upgrade on both D and Oline. SEC is a LOS league. We need big, strong, quack and fast linemen on both sides of the ball and we need numbers.


Exactly, other than the OL transfer from Florida I don’t remember much talk about the big guys in the trenches on either side of the ball. We need them badly!

I suspect we will get some in the spring

Yep we need about 2 more DT and I would like for us to get one more OT that can come in and play right away. Easier said than done to get those kind of people.

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If you are going to win in the SEC (or really any league, those guys better be your first, second and third priority. Just look at what SDSU did today. No contest because of their linemen.

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Yep that’s always where it’s won and lost

We need to spend some NIL money this spring to fill those lineman spots. Hopefully, there is some money in the NIL budget for those positions.

If not, just as well pull the pin or p-ss on the fire and call off the dogs (I grew up in Arkansas and that was a real happening on Fri and Sat night!)

Calling off the dogs? I grew up in Arkansas and our dogs always returned–with rabbit well ahead.

Just because there’s not any names public doesn’t mean some things can’t be in the works.


I don’t think they would have made it easy for Isaiah Nichols to leave if they weren’t confident on bringing in better DLinemen.

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You dropping a hint??

That was a fox hunting deal. Go out and build a fire and listen to the dogs run a fox while telling lies and sampling some of the local product produced in the hills around Fourche Valley. Good time for certain! I was doing that one October Saturday night in 1965. Had a Channel Master with me that got more attention than the dogs that night. Anybody guess what was happening?

I’ll place good money you were listening to Hogs vs Texass which we won 14-13. Oh such glory. They did fox hunting in SE Arkansas too. Never figured out what they got out of it. I guess it must have been the local product….

Yep. That was a hard one to answer. Anybody who could not answer that one is not a Hog fan. One of if not the greatest night in Hog football.

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Thanks for not saying an old Hog fan. Guess that kinda goes without saying.

I was hoarse and happy with Southern Comfort and other friends.

That was my first liquor as a teenager. It’s gross but I thought it was pretty good then.

It became too sweet for my taste; JD took its place. My psychology grad student mentors introduced me to what became my favorite: B&B.

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