Line up change

It won’t make a huge difference to change a lineup if you can’t defend the 3 point shot and rebound. It also makes no sense to sit Mason Jones! He’s a threat to score !

Not starting him might pump him up or let the air out. Time will tell. Playing time can be a great motivator but in this day and age he could transfer out by Sunday morning :shock:

This is a different time when it comes to enforcing standards. A coach has to use white gloves. I think Mason needs to be on the floor.

I agree with that completely. Maybe he isn’t giving effort in practice or on defense in the games. Something has happened. Don’t think his minutes will go down. We are too short on offensive weapons to sit him long.

Sitting Mason and not Bailey…, that is insane. How can playing Bailey and Gabe be justified? I’m hopeful that we don’t lose guys like Chaney and Mason who have actual basketball skills and instincts. This roster is a complete circus, Henderson, Ibby, Gabe and Bailey are reasons Mike should not be the coach, he is not recruiting. Add 4 players plus 1 for Garland and this is a different team.

Who told you guys Mason wasn’t starting? As far as I know CMA said he could switch the lineup up he didn’t comment on who or say if he would for sure.

They just need to shoot well. We get as many open 3s as we give up. We are not shooting in your face jumpers, although Auburn did a lot of that to us. Not worried about giving up 3s.

Agree with you on rebounding.

He didn’t start Mason Jones to start the second half.

I haven’t read or seen anything where he said he wouldn’t be starting tonight.

Coach Anderson has had some strange and almost unexplainable lineups and substitution patterns over the years, but he needs to shake things up. I would imagine him starting maybe Desi Sills at the point, with the lineup staying the same for the rest of the guys.

If Gabe happens to get a start…he should have instructions not to shoot or dribble…the rest of the basketball skills he may attempt…

We have given up wide open 3’s all year long. That started with the 3 we gave up ending the regulation against Texas.

My opinion is Sills starts for Harris and Mason stays in lineup. Harris body language has been abysmal. Need dogs and leaders

Possibly Gabe for Bailey too.

I would like to see Keyshawn start for Harris. His percentage doesn’t reflect it, but Key gives us another 3 pt threat.

I love KES but i think he looks for his shot too early in the clock. Great when he’s hitting which is not that often.

I think you nailed it here Chris. My thoughts as well.


Would be my guess for tonight. Harris and Chaney first off the bench.

So, looks like Harris still starts, Jones and Bailey are the one’s the got the bench. CMA trying to teach Mason about those turnovers I guess.

Gabe won’t play long he will have 2 fouls by the 10 minute mark of the first half.
We can’t finish offensive possession. Missing free throws and not be able to convert down low.
Joe made the shot at the top of the key off the bounce.
We are allowing the wide open 3 again tonight.

Gabe stepping up in the starting role

You hit the Chaney off the bench. Good call. Jones is struggling hard. Gafford should have at least one Flagrant from aTm. No idea why they didn’t look at that push in the back.

Good lord i can’t believe they called that on Gabe.