Line is only -8 today

That’s a lot of respect for North Texas. Will be interesting to see what happens. Hard for Vegas to come up with lines with so little to go off of at this point in the season.

Agree. They have players that can play with our talent at all three levels in Hamlet, Reese and Simmons. Can they control the pace? If so, I think the game could be pretty close. If they can’t, I think our depth wears on them.

OMG, that appears to be a lock for the Hogs, even without my rose colored glasses on. Years ago, I swore off ever again betting on the Hogs in any sport, as I just couldn’t be objective. And, I’ve stuck with that for over 20 years. That line, though, has me wanting to take the hour+ drive to Pine Bluff or Hot Springs.

Beat them 66-43 last yr so we definently shut them down but different yr different team… We will see.

Sagarin has it at 11ish, so 8 is low. Maybe some lack of respect for our guys?

As long as we win, I won’t mind it being a little close. Might do us some good to have to focus and fight late in the game. WPS!!

Sagarin numbers I saw were right at Hogs by 10 (7 point rating difference plus 3.00 home court). We’re ranked #36 now by Sagarin which isn’t bad. Of course winning by 80 has something to do with that.

I won’t mind if it’s close at half-time. We need to see how we react to that. I’ll be a bit disappointed though, if we don’t pull away in the 2nd half.

Of course, my first preference is to save our close games for TN and KY, and blow out every other team by double digits.

Has espn blocked to where you can use a iPhone plug to a hdmi cable to plug to tv to watch from iPhone to tv?? Didn’t work last game.

I don’t think they know or care how you hook things up, I have my laptop hooked to my TV via HDMI and it works just fine.

Ok well I thought I read somewhere they banned from steaming from phone to tv. $$ thing.

You may be right. My daughter, who streams all kind of things from her I-phone to her smart TV could not get the game Wed. night either.

That’s why you spend the $20-30for a Roku

But if you have a smart TV you can probably install the ESPN app directly and get the games

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I told her the same thing, which I did with the ROKU. She did install the ESPN app on her phone. Still didn’t work for her. Oh, I just noticed, did you mean she can install the ESPN app on her TV? If so, neither she or I know how to do that.

I got a new TV and it’s a Smart TV so all I do is use the internet, type in ESPN watch and my internet provider Infinity allows me to watch on my 65 inch TV .pretty cool

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Once the app is installed, you can click the links on the UA website and stream the video through the app, assuming that you’re subscribed to ESPN somehow. That’s usually through your cable, satellite or streaming service (YouTubeTV in my case). I log in using YouTubeTV to get the ESPN stream.

Thanks. She has Infinity and gets all the ESPN channels, including the SEC channel. I’ll have her try that.

It should ask her to log in through her provider; click on/search for Infinity and go from there.

North Texas won the Conference USA championship last season going 14-4 inside of a 20-11 overall campaign.

Western Kentucky likely would have won the league if Charles Bassey had not been lost to a season-ending injury in the 10th game of his season.

That injury came in an 86-79 overtime win over visiting Arkansas.

Still I think that is worthy of respect and I know Javion Hamlet, the former Memphis Whitehaven star that former Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson recruited before being let go, is a stud.

He was last season’s Conference USA Player of the Year and was good enough coming of Northwest Florida State College that Gonzaga was interested.

Wonder if they should reduce that 3.00 for home court advantage this season due to “COVID crowds”?