Lincoln Riley

Rumors are surfacing about some improprieties. OU Insiders saying it is true and OU will bring to light along with a lawsuit against Riley and USC. Sounds like it’s getting interesting in Norman.

There was some into out on Thursday about an OU assistant or a future USC assistant that had committed illegal activity. There’s a ton of junk going on.

It would be typical OU to sweep something under the rug while Riley is there, but as soon as he leaves, the dirt is unveiled.

LSU & OU use the same playbook of no ethics & anything illegal is ok as long as you don’t get caught or otherwise pay off the investigators/enforcers.

I’m reminded of an old rhyme about Paperclip football (don’t remember the source unfortunately):

Our athletic prowess
Will always allow us
The best players money can buy

Have not read anything yet about Riley, but apparently one of his OU assistants & future USC assistants may have broken some rules. However, with OU & USC being among the golden children of the NCAA, don’t expect anything more than a hand-slap.

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HCs are responsible for their assistants’ screwups.

Unless your name is Bruce Pearl. In his case, his assistant can do jail time, while Ol’ Bruce can still sweat freely on the sidelines.

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The FBI is much more efficient than the NCAA. Which is why Will Wade is still making SAOs.

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Sad, but true. Man, I can’t wait for Wade to go down.

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Curious as to the timetable of the assistant’s actions. Had Riley already resigned at OU while Manning was still employed by OU but already recruiting for USC? Worst case scenario is the Manning takes the fall.

We may all be dead and gone before the NCAA does anything to Wade.


Unfortunately, armyhog you are probably right

That’s the way I see it. They have had the smoking gun on Wade for several years and have done nothing.
An innocent man doesn’t take a cut in pay and sign that if the NCAA hits LSU with anything that he could be fired and owed nothing! Wade is a piece of dirt.


The rumors are not true. Just a bunch of vengeful, mad fans that started it. Ridiculous.

And what kind of lawsuit with any merit could OU bring against Riley and USC? None. Zero. Equally ridiculous. Ain’t happening.

And, by the way, I know a lot of you think OU cheats its a** off. But that’s 70s and 80s thinking. Supposedly one of the reasons Riley left is that OU’s compliance department is too stringent for life in the SEC. Castiglione is a real AD. One of the best. He doesn’t put up with any recruiting shenanigans. That’s why he’d never hire Kiffen, for example.

What Recruiting shenanigans has Kiffin been responsable for? Or is this just slander?

Well, he is at ola ms.

It’s just slander. LOL.

Kiffin had some violations at Tennessee. Let’s not pretend he’s squeaky clean.

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