Lillis changes mind, signs with Brewers at deadline … s-brewers/

mere peanuts … Good Grief. :roll:

Which shows me that his proclamation that he was coming to the U of A last week was just so much last-second posturing to get the best deal he could.

When I read the article (last week), something about it didn’t sound quite right. He just seemed to go on a little more than he needed to about how it was his dream to play in the CWS, etc. Felt a little disingenuous. Just a feeling, and it wouldn’t have been appropriate to post anything critical then because all I had was a feeling. But I wasn’t very surprised when he flipped the other day.

Good luck to him. Hope he made the right decision. Meanwhile, I’m confident that DVH will fill the spot with a kid that wants to be a Razorback, and we’ll be fine.

I’ve been told by college baseball coaches that it’s never over until it’s over. And, you just never know if they are telling you what they want you to believe. Then, there are some that do exactly as they say they are going to do about the money – like Brett Eibner, Ryne Stanek and Zack Cox.