Liken or not this team has bite

Ok hawgball fans tomorrow’s game is going to be fun to watch…go hawgs!

This team is a lot of fun to watch. They never give up and are very good at closing out games that go down to the wire. Hopefully, they will beat Vandy and win the Championship on Sunday. I would have never dreamed that when we came into the SEC in 1992 that we would only have one SEC Tournament Title at this point. How sweet would it be if that changes on Sunday!!! Go Hogs Go!!!

The Hogs were not sharp tonight on offense, but they never let Ole Miss put together a big run either. The Rebels have good scoring guards.

Arkansas is very tough to beat if it comes down to late possessions. Too many great free throw shooters who can attack the lane. Courageous, experienced players.

Now they are learning how to keep opponents close even when the Hogs are not making a lot of shots. Getting better.

I hope it was rust! They did not look good on offense. We shot better from 3 than inside the arc. Mostly because of wild bad shots inside the lane. If you can’t finish through contact get the to someone that can.
The wasted possessions were the reason it was close. To win moving forward you have top scores on those chances. Especially the fast breaks!
I can only think of one put back on our offenseive end. We allowed several and second chance points. They killed the boards. Closing close games protecting the lead they are doing great. What they have to improve is to value a possession when you start to get a run. Execute on the fast break and score. The 4’s don’t need to be taking jump shots. We have scorers that got fewer shot in the first few minutes. By the time Bardford had 3 shots Dustin Thomas had 3 shots! Know your role. It would be different if it was an offensive rebound and a put back. Cook did have a put back following the fast break!
All said it was a win and I’m proud but it should not have been that close. Get a killer instinct and put teams away.

Comments:Yeah but, I wonder if Mike’s concerns were validate when he stated Ole Miss had the advantage tonight by already playing a game hence more relaxed by having seen their balls go through the basket. In addition this scene is a nuance for five of players hence you would have jitters, and as it relates to our 4s if they did not shoot when wide open teams would ignore them by doubling up on others.