Like to see Ohio St have to play

the likes of Bama, Fla, Ga, (LSU & Aub in their good years) along with the rest of the SEC teams in a schedule every year and see how they fair for the playoffs.


There is nothing like the SEC. It was interesting to talk to Bret Bielema about what he learned about the SEC as compared to the Big 10. He said it was depth at the line of scrimmage and the ability to absorb injuries. Your roster must be incredibly deep. That’s what makes Alabama special.

I don’t care who Ohio St plays I will root for them including ND. Putting a team in the NC that only played 6 games whether it was there fault or not is ridiculous !

It was the fault of their league commissioner. But I’m starting to think the Big 10 planned it that way to guarantee a spot in the playoffs with 6-8 games played and less wear an tear.

I will not be pulling for tatToOSU.

I personally feel A&M should be in the playoff. They probably have the best strength of schedule, only loss is to the current #1 team, talented roster with a title winning coach.

My first time watching OSU was today and I wasn’t impressed. I think they get beat handily by Bama or Clemson.

ND probably would’ve lost twice to Clemson if Lawrence had played in the first game. I’ll give them the 4 seed since they played 10 games though and let them play Bama

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson
  3. A&M
  4. ND

I think Ohio State will have to play Clemson, then the winner of that game will play the Alabama-Notre Dame winner.

Texas A+M will be left holding the leash of the Collie.

You are probably correct with your picks. Despite the glaring difference between the teams.

I think that lineup is the only way A&M will get in the play-offs. I hope that’s what happens, but I believe OH St is a lock at #3. A&M has 2 things working against them, Obviously, the one loss, but also I think the committee would like to avoid a scheduled Bama/A&M rematch game.

They want to see a lineup that gives them the title game that everyone wants. A Bama/Clemson game. The best way to arrange that would be your 4 teams or the more likely:

1 Bama
2 Clemson
3 OH St
4 ND

The committee could have picked that without even playing the games yesterday, it’s a joke just like the top 4 seeds in b-ball tournament

I’ve got a problem with the hunchbacks getting in too after yesterday. I don’t care much for Jimbo, but the Aggies really got hosed.

I hope Clemson hangs 70 on Ohio State! It probably won’t happen but OS has no business being the the number 3 team in the country. They beat one decent team at home by 7 Indiana!

I’m rooting for the top two largest blowouts in history. I want to see both Notre Dame and Ohio St. get rolled for 75+ each.

Especially Notre Dame—I’m tired of seeing them in these big games just to not show up. I’d rather see Cincinnati lose by 90 than Notre Dame lose by 25+.

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