Like the swallows at Capistrano, it is recruiting season & tired old sports writers like to whine about.................

…recruiting is boring to them and they wish it would all go away. Harry King just did the latest one. Wally would much rather be talking about horse racing, Rick Schaeffer would much rather talk about baseball, and Harry would rather talk about the players on the field where he sits in the press box viewing them comfortably, not future players scattered all over the country.

They want you to ignore the fact that the top ten in recruiting strongly resembles the top ten in rankings on the field 3+/- years later. Kind of like that Wizard of Oz wanting you to ignore the man behind the curtain. You can’t just say it is only the rankers high ranking those offered by perennial powers. The top 300 were there long before Bama offered and got over 20 of them this year.

It just seems that some self proclaimed over worked sports writers just can’t stand something new added to their plate instead of just regurgitating their favorite sports, wondering why their customers just can’t be satisfied with that? JMVVVVVHO

Great post - I wonder how Harry thinks the teams in the college football playoff and the other top bowls got there? They get there because their coaches are working with thoroughbreds and not pack mules.

Yeah, anyone who says rankings do not matter are terribly, terribly wrong.

No one has won a national championship in the last decade with out atleast a top 10, and several top 15 classes making up their roster.

Have to recruit top 15.

Well said. Always was odd to me how they downplayed it. Agree that they think it is beneath them for some reason to report on it.

I’d say the biggest splash most of the kids ever make is while they are being recruited. For most, it’s all down hill from there.

Is all the attention good for the kids? I doubt it for many of them.

Also, high school TEAMS should come before individual attention.

Fire away :smiley:

I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said here, but none of it diminishes the importance of recruiting to the product on the field in the Fall.

I don’t disagree with you either. Recruiting is THE KEY. It’s fun to follow (and the HI guys do well covering it). All the coverage, however is of hand imo.

I absolutely HATE assigning stars to individuals.

The assignment of stars is not a lot different than Dave Campbell’s Texas High School magazine labeling people “ blue chips” or the Dallas Morning News identifying the Texas “ Top 100” or Parade Magazine’s All American Team.

These were the ways talent was differentiated/ categorized in the past before the rise of Rivals, 24/7, etc. it’s just that now more kids are “labeled” now than in the past.

You can imagine how I feel about the attitude of those - and I love Harry to death - that only want to talk recruiting days before the signing day.

Some, one in particular, don’t know a four- or five-star prospect from a car tire, but suddenly act like they do.

I guess it’s okay because I don’t care about some of the stuff they are into and write about.

Bah Humbug to them.

That’s what the fans wanted to be able to keep score between the games and seasons.

Funny how all the radio guys diss recruiting… Bo even went on a mini-rant last week how it’s only opinions,…But isn’t that what sports talk shows are?..Just opinions?..I’m more interested what Dudley,…Richard have to say than Bo and Bart,… I even switch over at 5pm to listen to Trey…

The very ones who trumpet how little they care about recruiting and how silly it is will certainly blame recruiting failures in 3-4 years if there isn’t winning records and bowl games by then. They will suddenly explain to us how important recruiting is.

Does Bo realize Nick Saban who he fawns over has finished first in recruiting 4 out of the last 5 years?

Stars matter - a lot!

Speaking of Saban and recruiting, I wonder where our exact 2019 class would be ranked if Saban and Bama had recruited it? Certainly not #1, but a solid top 10, maybe top 7 or 8? You know Henry would be a 5-star, and possibly Burks too. Knox and Bush would probably move to high 4s. Several of our high 3-stars would move to 4-stars.

And, of course, you know they would be coached and developed to their max level of talent.


This is an excuse fans make to make them feel better.

Just because players aren’t as high as you want doesn’t mean it’s correct. We’ve had players shoot up in rating just as often as decline. The class is exactly where it should be. We have some great players with great offers. Some good players with decent offers and some attractive non commitable offers. And a few players with bad offers.


I guess you’ve just missed the numerous times that Bama recruits, after committing to Bama early, receive bumps in the next scheduled recruiting services’ updates. One of the best examples was Whaley and an RB in his recruiting class. Whaley was the 5th RB and the Bama kid ? name ? was 3 or 4 spots behind him. The only thing that happened between their rankings was his Bama commit and an All Star game they both played in where Whaley completely outplayed him. A few weeks later when the services updated their rankings, The Bama kid was #3 and Whaley had dropped to 6th or 7th. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the Bama recruit has even seen the field since he’s been there.

It happens all the time. Isn’t an excuse. It’s the truth. Admitted to by Greg Powers on a former version of this site.

It’s one of the reasons Arkansas recruiting could be phenomenal and not reach the Top 10.

I literally laughed out loud at the certainty/irrational sense of “rightness” from the prior poster—as if his opinion came down from high on the mount. Hilarious.

Understand why y happens, and also recognize that it happens the other ways.

When a kid commits to Arkansas, I’m sorry, but the view isn’t that great. It says, he didn’t have any better options and the other “offers” weren’t committable. That’s why some of them in return, drop in rating.

Have to look at things for what they are. Also have to understand a lot of the offers of these kids aren’t commitable or we wouldn’t have gotten some, and that’s the truth.

I had that explained to me and as a fan I didn’t like it at first but it’s just true. We are a 2 win team, and as a program in a bad, bad place. Have to question how good a kid really is when he commits to us over some of these other supposed “offers”.

You can laugh all you want. I don’t mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just personally do not enjoy the “oh poor us, look what those biased people who know nothing did” approach. We loved to point at the stars when they are good, and bash them and make excuses when they aren’t what we want. Have to find some middle ground and see things a little differently.

Like I said, when a kid gets a commitable offer from Alabama, he’s not a 3 star, he’s a high 4-5 star. Nick is the best recruiter and the best evaluator. I don’t care if the kid was a 0 star, when he gets an offer from alabama that tells you all you need to know about his talent, and others recognize that. So yes, they do get a bump in rating some times. Because, they deserve it. Notice how Alabama dominates in every aspect of college football, there’s no reason to believe that when Nick wants someone that he’s not damn near the best at his position in the country.

Until our staff proves to be elite of the elite in evaluating we can’t expect that same treatment. It’s far fetched. Instead we have to understand that a lot of our guys, great players, but were not top options to some of the blue bloods, and we end up snagging them. Some were, and were great gets. But not all of them, majority were not. That’s something that clearly is hard tell yourself… but it seems like that’s definitely the case.

How to test? Well, with your logic, Alabama should be over rated. Can’t say that’s not exactly what you’re arguing. Last time I checked, Alabama isn’t over rated, they are the most talented team from top to bottom by a decent margin.

P.s. Whaley was rated the #3 th the entire time, and finished as the #3 RB, on 247 composite, went back and checked because I felt you were wrong. I remembered him being 3, and he did indeed finish being #3.

I do laugh. Because it’s absurd. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

You say we “Have to question how good a kid really is when he commits to us over some of these other supposed “offers”“.

Under this rationale, lowering a kid’s rating because he committed to us and not a bigger-named school is justified and his offers should be met with cynicism.

And, yet, when we don’t make the Top 15, you complain about it.

When I read that sentence, I just threw out the other 3000 words because it’s absolutely ridiculous.