Like the move of Skipper to LT

i saw where Skipper was moved to LT today and have always been blown away why he wasnt there all alog.I mean we surely werent going to give it to Jackson who has never played a snap in the SEC not in a position where he is at the blindside of the QB

True freshman LTs start all the time. Cam Robinson, Ole M Greg Little probably this year. I know those are probably more talented players than Jackson, but it happens and Jackson is in his second year. The staff sure sees potential in him, maybe he isn’t ready this year, but if he’s starting then one would think he’s a better LT than Skip.

Dan Skipper is one of my favorite players. He is mean and nasty and can play wherever he wants, but he does not have the quick agile feet for a left tackle, does he? Maybe he is the best we have at the position, but I would be surprised if he played there all year.

his feet were pretty quick when he tripped that A&M D lineman! jus messin with u Skip

I never understood why Skipper wasn’t our LT. No one else has close to the wingspan.

We are only in the 1st week of practice. Musical chairs for awhile to see what we got. I feel Skipper will go back to RT by Monday.

Actually, as we noted earlier in the week, the move of Skipper to left tackle was on Monday. I think Kolton Jackson is going to be a very good player in time, too.

I like moving Dan to LT primarily because he’ll be beside the “Great Dane”, who’s never played on the OL before. It makes sense to me to have your most experienced tackle playing beside the OG who’s the least experienced lineman, but with perhaps the most upside.