Like Old Times

Did I miss something? Maybe already talked about? But I just got my HI magazine in the mail, Like Old Times. Maybe it’s been talked about and I missed it. Maybe it’s living in Van Buren, LOL. Maybe printing issues.

Anyway 2-0!! WPS

Yeah. I got my Rice issue yesterday

USPS screwed up. Last week always tough because of Labor Day. But second class office in NLR did not ship it out on Tuesday morning. We found out yesterday that it left NLR 3 days late.

I have mine sent 1st Class. It use to always get here (CO) on Thur. Last year, it came as much as 2 wks late. PO blamed it on COVID. The Rice issue came Mon. Be interesting to see when TX arrives.

Clay? Did Matt say in his summary recently that we could get the magazine online instead of by snail mail? Is that true and would that end the extra charge for first class postage?

It’s been on-line for awhile. There is a link on the front page, a HI button. Try that. It usually is ready on Sunday night right after we send pages to the printer, but sometimes Monday on holidays. That’s during football. It downloads on a Wednesday during the monthly editions.

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