Like Muss hire, but curious what happened to Marshall

Not saying Muss isn’t a better hire for many reasons.

Did we just not want to pay, or just weren’t convinced he was a fit I wonder.

Interested in this as well.

I hear they offered low salary with backloaded incentives. Basically they tried to low ball him.

He did not visit like many reported. We went to see him but he didn’t bite.

as I mentioned in an earlier post, HY has been openly critical of the current exorbitant guaranteed salaries. He feels the model is unsustainable, particularly with the huge buyouts. I wonder if this came into play with Marshall. I mean, he is already making more than 3 million.

Maybe someone like Musselman is ready to step up and say “I will earn it”, and accept the challenge.

But maybe not. I am very interested to see what kind of salary structure HY is able to set up here. Can he be a trend-setter and get a coach to agree with a true pay-for-performance model?

I’m not sure anything actually happened with Marshall, and at this point I don’t care. One, we have a good coach, assuming that the Muss reports are true. Two, the transfer rate out of WSU has been pretty alarming and we have reports that he is more difficult to play for than is necessary, if you catch my drift. Resurrecting our program is gonna be hard enough without running off people who can actually play.

I would have been okay with any non-cheating coach who shows legitimate promise of bringing us back (although a midmajor, Muss won 28-29-29 games and was in the top 25, something our last midmajor hire had never sniffed). Marshall is clearly more than competent, so that would have checked that box. But given the choice between the two, if there was even a choice to be made, I prefer Muss.

Thanks. Interesting. Maybe the issue was player retention as suggested. But if he were willing to bite a low offer, we would take him given he’s an established coach and name brand.

But sounds like we were not willing to go all out with money perhaps given retention matters at a time of serious recruiting/retention needs.

Don’t have to pay Muss as much and Muss maybe hungrier in any case.

Marshall was probably on the list somewhere but it might have taken 4.5 plus incentives. Too rich for what we might have gotten and might not really been that high on HY’s list .We may never know. Happy with who we got. Room to pay him more if he deserves it down the road.

I’ve read elsewhere a suggestion that HY thought Marshall was just playing us to get a raise. So HY made offered more than what Wichita State was paying but not a huge raise. He also told Marshall’s people that we were willing to continue negotiations if that offer was deemed too low. Marshall’s people simply rejected the offer without a counter, which told HY all he needed to know to move on.