Like I said last week, 3 more wins

this year. I don’t really know what to think about the team - other than they are pretty bad. What a shame

Might have a chance against LSU, Auburn, and Mizzou. Ole Miss will hang half a hundred on us.

If we have KJ, we might hand half a hundred on them right back. Just like last year.


I doubt that with our avg. points per game. And, KJ played his guts out but our defense was like a sieve.

These coaches HAVE to figure out a way to EFFECTIVELY utilize Malik even when KJ is starting. There’s just too much talent there to leave it on the bench. That BS trickeration doesn’t count.


Honest question if he doesn’t want to play receiver then where you play him?

Kj to tight end?

I think you play him a little more at QB. Save some of the hits on KJ, while giving Malik some experience and the opportunity to make some big plays. I’m not saying split time equally. KJ is and should remain the leader of this team. Just give Malik maybe 2 or 3 series a game.

Good coaches figure out a way to motivate the player to do what is best for the team. The best leaders I ever had were able to positively persuade me to take on geographies or additional things by showing the bigger picture, which included the organization and me personally.

Hornsby might be getting some mixed signals if they are splitting #2 reps with Fortin.

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