Life as a Razorback fan has not always

been easy. I am 53 and have endured some heartbreaking losses.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I would cry after some football and basketball losses in to my mid twenties.

Besides the 1994 title game I can’t remember shedding any tears after a win. Tonight and against Texas Tech my eyes got a little watery after the last buzzer.

The last 6 months have been very tough on my family and I. We came close to losing our 25 year old daughter a few months ago after a minor surgery went horribly wrong.

Watching this team play this season has really helped my wife and I forget about some really bad days and nights.

I just love seeing our players play with so much heart and grit. I love seeing them happy. Devo’s spirit is contagious. He seems like such a humble young man. It takes a special person to do what he’s doing on this stage at such a young age. If he would have stayed with OK State they would most likely be in the elite 8 right now.

If our team read this board I would tell them thank you! The last few months have been so much fun watching them stack wins on top of wins. Job well done fellas!


I certainly agree that this was a historic and a very important win. I know that Arkansas fans are delighted with this team’s season. Kudos to all those who made this possible.

We will have to play better to beat Baylor. I think that we can do that if we play to our potential. At any rate, this is an amazing turn around for our program. Muss is a great coach and we must keep him as our coach. This win signals that we are once again a national basketball power. Great win for all Razorbacks.

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This is one of the big reasons why people watch sports. Not only is it live drama and totally unscripted it also takes our minds off the other problems and issues that we deal with which are much more important and serious. It is hard to separate the two given the emotional attachment but reading the threads today, there are a alot of happy and proud people today associated with the Hawgs. Are we having fun yet, yes we are. Gotta learn to enjoy the moments more after the past year and things are looking up on the Hill.

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Sorry to hear about your daughter razorblack. Our family is still reeling from the loss of my niece 2 years ago. She was a HUGE Razorback fan. This win was one for the ages and I’m so glad it helped you and your wife. Our state was so ready for a season like this. WPS


Thank you LD! She’s doing much better. So sorry about your niece. I can’t imagine how painful that would be.

I am so thankful right now for many things.


At times we over-emphasize (I do anyway) the importance of winning by the Hogs various team sports - but these victories can bring about a certain level of brotherhood and spiritual healing that can rarely be found elsewhere!


Bayou, I agree. Humans want to belong to groups who share their dreams, ideals, and goals. Sports has always been that for many of us. Besides there is only one Razorback and most people really do like bacon too.


I don’t think we over-emphasize it. Winning is important. I’ve always said that if I were to run for Arkansas governor in an era when the Hogs weren’t winning, I’d do focus groups and determine how to best (and tastefully) pitch “let’s clean house and start winning again.” I bet I’d get a bunch of votes. State pride in a somewhat downtrodden state, collective feeling of accomplishment. All that. Arkansas needs to be good at something that garners national attention. We all love that and the state needs it. That’s why being AD at Arkansas is such a huge responsibility. Competence is at a premium. You want to pay Muss $5 or $6 million a year? Then you’d better pay HY what it takes to keep him, too. We now have an AD who is competent. He understands the nuances of quality coaching, much like JFB. Those nuances — mostly the ability to get respect, strategically build rosters, and lead — are vitally important things. We’ve got to lock down HY. He’s as good as OU’s Joe Castiglione IMO. And that’s saying something.

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Great post Razorblack. Thank you for this. I agree with every word you wrote.

Loss is such a difficult thing. Since 2013, we have lost Mary’s mother and brother, 2 cousins, and my sweet mother in 2015. Then Mary was diagnosed with cancer, 8 weeks after Mom died.

Yet there I was last night, sitting next to Mary after her surgery was a success (thank you Mayo Clinic), and watching the game with my deceased family members like Mulan talking to her Fu family ancestors.

The Hogs. Only we native Arkansans can truly understand. They bind us. And see us through tough, tough times.

I am SO HAPPY that your daughter is ok. My daughter is the same age. I can’t imagine life if something ever happened to her. Namaste and God Bless.

Hog I’m so sorry for all the loss you have endured. Life can be very tough at times. God never promised us it would be easy but I’m thankful for him showing me mercy even though I don’t deserve it.

God bless you! Lets go get this win tomorrow night. Shock the world!

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