It’s coming out that Bret lied about how he was fired, already.

He was not walking off of the field, yet was in his office.

See how quick things can change, I assume he was caught up in the moment, still not right to exaggerate what actually happened.

I’ll just wait till I read it from clay or someone in the know. This story has already got legs of its own. Lol.

Not sure it makes a difference. Either way it was immediate.

Bo Mattingly tweeted it out.

If so, that’s really piss poor character by Bret to throw the UofA under the bus, which he is good at doing.

Should really piss all hog fans off, I know I’m pissed.

There’s nothing wrong with an immediate firing, especially when we all know it’s coming.
It’s classless to throw the school under the bus in a lie.

This is so like modern internet news. It happened, it happened. I don’t care if you found out when he was in the bathroom. I don’t care if you got the scoop. It is a fact. Facts are facts. Don’t make the “how” the story.

You’re taking Bo’s word? Hmmm

He is usually in the press room, has connections, I guarantee there is truth to it.

You must have never listened to Bo. If it wasn’t for Nick Mason’s actions the last few days, Bo would be considered the ABSOLUTE WORST REPORTER in Arkansas, and that includes Wally Hall.

Just wait until Julie speaks, I guarantee Bret lied. It sounded like a lie/ exaggeration from the get go.

We have no reason to believe she doesn’t carry herself with the upmost class and decency.

So when has BB thrown the U of A under the bus in the past? If he had, we would have already heard about it. I think you are way late about stirring people up to get mad at a fired coach but good luck.

Jesus Christ. Watch the PC. He clarified it. Didn’t lie about anything. Thanked them for doing it the way they did it. Saidnit happened in a makeshift changing area they have set up for him.

If you’re going to call someone a liar, repeatedly, do 5 minutes worth of homework, maybe?

The guy did nothing but praise the school and state that just fired him and you’re ripping him and calling him a liar.

This is a typical troll, loser thread. Watch the video. … -loss-mis/

What the hell differants does it make? stop beating a dead horse…

I read what Bo tweeted. He walked off the field, to hi s game day office, she followed him in and fired him before he had a chance to do anything else. That is still walking off the field. Usually the coaches go to their office, get a drink of water (or something else), collect their thoughts, address the team, then go to the press conference. Julie ambushed him and fired him, but as I stated in another thread, I’m absolutely positive it wasn’t her decision.

Finally, the truth. Thanks.


Good God. Some of y’all HATE him! Why? Did you watch the press conference? He made it clear that, in his words, “it wasn’t brutal.” He said Julie was waiting on him in his little office by the dressing room." He was total class in the press conference. I have never been fired, but if I ever had been I doubt seriously I would have handled it like that.

He said it, it was a lie/exaggeration.
I don’t care if he had to take back his words and correct it.

People saw that and ran with it. You have people bitching all over here and social media and it makes me sick.

He stirred up a bunch of drama with a lie.

He deserved to be fired, be a man about it, no one needs to know how it was done, he just wanted his shot.

Go ahead and bitch some more, thank god we are on our way to a new coach.

Yes, I posted that on another thread, Bo said that was the reason it was done that way.

As a matter of fact, Bo tweeted he was fired walking off the field prior to the press conference and also said that was the reason the athletic department gave before the press conference.

As I said, “worst reporters in AR”: 1. Mason 2. Bo and a distant 3. Wally

Give it a rest. Lol.