Lies and more lies

At a high school playoff game tonight so just saw the video of that ridiculous press conference.

Lies, lies and more lies and one lie after the other.

I love the U of A, love being a big donor – but do not appreciate being lied to and talked to like we are all stupid.

This decision was made long ago, and everyone knows it. This entire charade that "we were busy evaluating through the entire game and crunching numbers and fretting and agonizing but just said right at the end of the game to ourselves, “you know had we won, we probably could keep him, but since we lost – guess we better let him go. I’ll run down and tell him real fast.” GOOD GRIEF!!!

And nobody believes for one second that the interim AD is making the decision about who to hire and actually doing the hiring. If that’s true, then we need to keep firing people up the chain to the Chancellor, President ---- and maybe have the BOT replaced for malfeasance. The interim AD has zero qualifications to be making the hire for a football coach of a multi-million dollar enterprise that is college football at an SEC school, namely the University of Arkansas.

Just tell the truth and tell it like it is.

Treating the donors to the Foundation and the fans like we are complete idiots does not build trust nor confidence – not a good way to start off the new regime. Looks and smells like a banana republic being run by a bunch of crooks. Guess next thing they’ll eliminate the Sports Information Department and replace it with the Ministry of Razorback Propaganda. And of course, if anybody dares disagree with what they say or says one negative thing about the new ruling junta – it’s fake news.

They better get this mess fixed in a hurry,

Yeah, it wasn’t a good day.

The UA has classes Monday. The kids weren’t going anywhere.

big business

A very good post. I am not on your level evidently, But my contributions to the Foundation started in 1980. I did what I could. The simple facts of this issue to me are:

  1. Jeff Long took over determined to purge this system of the old regime. Personally running Tim Horton off after what the Horton’s have done for this program was inexcusable, but that is just me. The movers and shakers of my team, the Razorbacks, were not happy. The die was cast, but Jeff Long turned out to be better than expected.

  2. Bret was a good guy. For some reason he slacked off. Perhaps it was a beautiful wife or a precious daughter, and a 24/7 life as an SEC coach was not what it he thought it was. Who knows?

  3. I am getting old. I have no idea of who has pulled this coup. In my day I have seen Jim Lindsay, the Stephen’s, and a few others in charge and running the show. Back in those days, OH and Frank gave us as fans the information when we needed it.

  4. This coup has been clear and concise. Every move has been almost surgical in it’s precision and timing. I just have no idea from where this is coming. Even in the old days, things like this were never clean. Dissention always made it to the fans. You and I know that Clay, Dudley, and Richard know who is leading this, however. If they don’t they need to resign as reporters one and all. If we knew who was pulling the strings, we would know tons more about Gus, and the direction this program is about to take.

What better time would coach B had to tell his entire staff, players and support personnel than after the ballgame. He was given an opportunity to do that. He will be fine. Compensated extremely well!.

I think you are correct, but it may have been Mrs People’s reasoning for it. So he could tell his players himself before they went home for the holidays. According to RD they have classes Monday & I guess all week.
What she should have said is so the players don’t hear it 2nd hand later.

To me, it’s just a good time for him to be with them all. I know it was probably emotional but that’s part of it!

Comments: I know that’s right, total compensation $11 million are you kidding me with that wins vs losses conference record of his…bring on Gus! He knows and understands the SEC play grounds, plus he one of our own…

This post was not intended to be critical of letting Bielema go. I was in that camp as well. I just gave him every chance before I gave up on him.

I’m just mad – or was, now I could care less – about that ridiculous banana republic press conference that was insulting to the donors and fans.

I know very well who is behind this. I count some as good friends. But that presser was not necessary. Some times, the less said, the better.

Back in the day, this did not happen. Coach Broyles was smooth and professional when things like this happened, which was rare. As one of Frank’s good friends and confidantes told me – he never fired anyone, he just found them a new job.

#1 so true. With you all the way. I was so mad and bitterly disappointed when all that went down. Glad she finally showed up at the door on this one.

Tell your friends, they may wish they would never have ran off Long. The back room, handshake, deals are a thing of the past.

This is directed, if it’s truly Gus, at them because both TN, Fl, and AUB are all supposedly shaking hands with him right now.

I do agree with you about the “knew before hand.” There were several discussions on Twitter before and during the game by reporters that indicated CBB was gone and a noon press conference for today was scheduled. Obviously, that changed to 7:30 last night. Even Bret’s words over the last week indicated he already knew.

I agree with you that the decision to fire him was already made. He wasn’t going to retained had we beaten MU. Everyone knows that. The decision was made at the latest following the MSU game, but was probably made before Long was fired. If we believe the UA, failing to win games was why Long was fired. CBB is certainly more responsible for wins & losses than the AD.

I also agree she’s not making the decision on who we hire. She might sign off on whoever gets hired, but it won’t be her call. (I hope it’s not.)

However, I think you’re being a bit harsh on her. She had to engage in some “coachspeak” or, in this case, “AD speak.” Overall, I thought she did a good job at the presser & has done fine under very difficult circumstances. She got this laid on her & had to do unpleasant things. It’s much like what Long faced when BP wrecked his motorcycle. Given a bad hand & had to play it best he could.

I like the way she handled the press conference last night, but I think she is still a scapegoat if all this goes awry.

Your point is a good one. As my wife pointed out, she was like a sacrificial lamb.

“They” should have never sent her out there to conduct that thing.

It wouldn’t surprise me if she becomes a scapegoat, but I doubt anyone would buy it. She’s not likely to be the next AD & she’s not going to hire this coach. Just like she didn’t fire CBB. She was the messenger.

You nailed it 100%. I can’t wait until the entire story unfolds. Some will come out in the weeks and months to come. More in the years to come. Some will die with those that pulled the strings. And if this things backfires - a lot of denials and finger pointing. Ugh!

I think the interim AD did a fine job in a very difficult situation. I wouldn’t have traded places with her

The BOT had the Chancellor fire Long because Long supported CBB and it was directed then to interim AD to fire CBB.
We don’t need to feel sorry for CBB he made over 20 million here and will get a pay out that’s more than the average fan makes in a lifetime! BOT and big money boosters are going to run the show period.
There’s no good way to fire people.

As to the commment Broyles never fired anybody might want to tell Jack Crowe and Danny Ford that…would be news to them!

It is common for players - especially the ones within driving distance - to go home on this weekend because they are unable to go home for the holiday. They typically are released from team activities until the following weekend.

So I understand the reasoning to make the change while the team was still together. Truth be told, there is no good time to fire someone.