Liberty's QB situation

I doubt he holds back waiting on another game. That does not sound like any coach I know.


I think he will play to win, I’m just not sure he’ll put a QB out there who is still getting over the flu or whose grip on the football is questionable. If those guys are reasonably ready, I think he’ll play 'em… But if they are physically iffy, he may let them have another week to recover fully or at least not start them against (for all our faults) the fastest and most physical defense they’ve seen all year.

Agree…has to be a ruse…no coach is probably willing to be so transparent. CSP certainly would not be so forthcoming about QB injuries

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I think the same.

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I think most of us know who will be playing QB for Liberty Saturday. The same guy who has torched us so many times over the years. Good ole #7.

Well he’s definitely not going to be 100% if he’s mispractices with the flu, so we will see how he does

I bet he is just fine for game.

I bet they hope he will be fine… I don’t know too many people who’ve had the flu during the week and felt fine by Saturday. Unless he just had a 24-hour bug… I’ve never had the flu but people who’ve had it said it took them a while to get back to normal. We will find out tomorrow…

I would turn the Hogs loose on him, getting him running hopefully wear him out and make some mistakes at the same time

Do what?? Never?

I’ve never heard that.

No I’ve never had the flu diagnosed as that. I have had all the symptoms of the flu, teeth chattering, every bone in my body aching, in fact when the Challenger blew up years ago I was home sick from school with what I thought was the flu but when I went to the emergency care she said no you don’t have it but you have a virus that mimics the flu symptoms.

The amazing part about that is teaching school you’re around kids all day long…
I have always been very involved with exercise, so my thinking is that if something was trying to get into my body, I was sweating it out that night, anyway I’m extremely thankful that I have not had it and hopefully do not get it.

It’s flu like symptoms, not Ebola.

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And we know he had the flu? I am not buying anything Freeze is saying…bet CSP and staff aren’t either.

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We don’t know anything unless the media or some outlet reports it. It doesn’t really matter we’re going to be prepared for what he does.

Yeah I’m not buying it either. Probably more like he had the sniffles and a scratchy throat on Monday. I expect to see anothe vintage Elway impersonator.

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