Liberty's QB situation

I know the much travelled Charlie Brewer began the season as the flames(terrible name) starting QB. I think he lasted one game before getting hurt. It appears they’ve got two guys getting the snaps, and neither one is putting up huge numbers. Other than the beatdown of BYU, their results so far, really don’t strike much fear in me. Am I selling these guys short?

I think Brewer will probably play quite a bit this week.

Was on Freeze’s Zoom on Monday and he said he thought Bennett would start, both would play. Brewer threw the ball well Monday morning, he said. Was much better Monday than last week. Bennett has been inconsistent, he added, but then he went and looked really good at BYU.

They came very close to beating a pretty solid Wake Forest team.
We mess around and not play our best it’s going to be a war…

We go out and play like we’re capable we should win…

We don’t need to wait to the second quarter to start playing like last week.

You know the Hogs have had lapses and inconsistency in every game including the wins. Be interesting what would happen if they put it all together and had a great overall performance.

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Liberty Team could be distracted with all the Freeze to Auburn chatter. Or could be just the opposite and want to prove he should stay there.

Charlie Brewer has a history of playing “too” hard, which led to him getting hurt a lot when he was at Baylor and also trying to do too much with the ball. He’s not a real big guy, but he’s gutsy and fights hard all the time. If he has not changed his style, he could make some really big plays against us, but he could also get smashed by some of our DL and LBs- he takes a lot of punishment.

Freeze obviously thought Brewer would be the starter when he transferred in from Utah, but there is some risk to their offensive cohesion with giving him a lot of snaps (unless Liberty is way behind) this late in the year.

I wouldn’t take any team coached by Hugh Freeze lightly.

Both Brewer and Bennett can gouge us for big yards lest we change up our tendencies on D. more likely to do so on a scramble but both do that well. I have watched a little Liberty occasionally when channel surfing out of morbid curiosity and they look fine at qB.

Has Brewer played since the opener?

a very little bit vs BYU

Bennett has the flu and has not practiced the past couple of days. His status for Saturday is TBD.

Freeze said today that Brewer has not come along as quickly as they hoped.

Liberty might start Nate Hampton, who has thrown eight passes this year.

If he has the same type flu that is going around Austin right now he won’t play. I know number of folks right now that are suffering through really bad cases of it.

Well, there weren’t any escorts either.

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I’m all for srarting Nate Hampton. Great kid, great talent. His time has come. Go Nate!

While Liberty will play hard and it would make their season to beat Arkansas, Freeze may be more than a little careful with his QBs on Saturday.

They have a home game against Virginia Tech in a couple of weeks which looks a lot more winnable and would be a really big deal for Liberty in its primary recruiting area/ for its fan base. He will want to be as close to full strength as possible for that one, which may impact whether/how much he plays his top two QBs on Saturday.

I have a bad feeling that Freeze is “playing us”. Now they don’t appear to have a QB at full strength. Right. He’s had an extra week to get ready for us, and would love nothing more than to beat an SEC team – especially with the Aubarn job in the air.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Missouri St. game. Petrino went “all in” and almost got us. In any event, I think it will be more uncomfortable than many think. Hogs win but will be very glad when this one is over with.

And there is a cautionary tale in the Missouri State game for Freeze. MoState did go all in- got a lead- and collapsed late in the game. They have not played very well since that game.

Liberty has a bowl game in its pocket, a better chance to put a Power Five scalp on its belt in two weeks, and a clear path to 10-2 regardless of what happens Saturday. Will they be playing real hard to win, with a few new wrinkles? Sure. But putting all your emotional eggs in the Arkansas basket makes a lot less sense for Liberty than it did for MoState.

It’s also going to be pretty hard to “play” the Hogs in this spot-first home game in a month and the start of the November stretch run against a team that we’ve seen destroy a common opponent. Plus the pollsters did us a favor and put Liberty in the top 25, while we are only getting votes.

Excellent points. And, I hope you are correct. I have to believe CSP will have our guys ready.