Liberty ranked in latest AP poll

The Flames are No. 23 and Arkansas is receiving votes this week.

They are going to be a handful because they have several running quarterbacks and a defense that is very solid.

We can’t afford to come out and not show up in the first quarter like we did yesterday.

Hopefully being at home for the first time in a month will have the crowd all jacked up and ready to get them amped up to come out and kick butt


I was shocked to see we are a 13.5 point favorite, given Liberty’s record and ranking.

Liberty is ranked because it has lost once. I’m not trying to downplay Liberty, but I don’t think that team has seen a team with anywhere near the level of athleticism as Arkansas.


Liberty is loaded with cash. They are the lead sponsor for 12 NASCAR races for Hendrix car #24. Having been involved as a sponsor that’s several million. Much more than the 5 million they pay Freeze.

Our crowd needs to need loud Sat, the largest crowds they have played in front of , 31,000 to 36,000. They use 2 qb’s , between them, they have 13 int’s , hopefully our DB’s will intercept some balls.


They lost by 1 point at #10 Wake, oops, blown out in Louisville yesterday and dropped 10 spots.

Someone that understands all of this stuff splain how Liberty is number 25 and the Hogs are nothing, yet the smart people say The Hogs are a double digit favorite. Now I expect the Hogs to win and I think they will, but then I may be just a little biased (just a little mind you). Maybe the folks doing the voting should pay attention or the folks that built all those pretty building in Vegas are bad wrong. Wonder who it is?

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