Liberty could give us death

Or at least our bowl chances. Does not do my heart good to see what they did to BYU yesterday.

The BYU players have given up.


What the hale is wrong with you? When entering RRS this bunch will freeze up and things will not fall well for them.


I agree with Danny. I think our win took a lot of fight out of BYU. We can’t overlook Liberty,but we’d have to be really flat to lose to them. If Auburn beats us, we’ll be more vulnerable.

Good point. Coach Hugh may have a freeze frame flashback to 2015. More PT for Hudson Henry and lil AC(Dubinion) just to drive that point home!

BYU lost 2 tough games before playing yesterday no way were they going to be up 3 weeks in a row

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Liberty very well could show up and see a different Hogs defense! If Slusher, both Johnson’s and Chavis are healthy it could really change the outlook! First order of business beat Auburn! Worry about that trip. Liberty isn’t the next game!
I feel like our hogs are primed for a 4-1 finish. I’m ready for kick off on the plains!


BYU can’t stop the run and they can’t run the football. Liberty stays in games and wins this year by running the ball a lot. Liberty had the ball for over 39 minutes and had a guy run for over 200 yards, BYU only ran 50 plays on offense.

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I do not think Liberty has the athletes on defense to stop Arkansas.


Nope. Not 4-1. 5-0. Ole Miss and LSU will both go down in RRS. Mark Me.

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It would be nice for our Hogs to beat Ole Miss and LSU and RRS! If that happens I like the 5-0 mark these last 5 games.

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