Liberty Bowl ...

Baylor vs Arkansas. Arkansas is 7-5 and Baylor will probably be 6-6. They will eat us a live if this one happens.

Arny buddy text me

Can’t spell "Liberty’’ without “BERT”

Fellow Battle buddy humor can be tough

Gosh - I thought Arkansas was doing better

Frankly Liberty may be to high a grade after losing to the last team in the SEC

I need to go back to the deer woods

Today will tell a lot about what bowl game Arkansas gets into. Upset wins by Kentucky and/or South Carolina may put Birmingham back in play. If those two teams lose, it will probably be a group of six bowl - Texas, Outback, TaxSlayer, Liberty, Music City or Belk - for Arkansas.

I still think it will be one of the Tennessee bowls.

When you are 7-5, you need to work on your studies and stay home. I don’t want to hear they need the practice. We have been practicing since August 1st. That is plenty of practice. Take a break. We need it. Enjoy the off season. The SEC is a brutal grind for these kids.

If it’s give me a spread team in the Liberty or give me death, I’ll take death every time.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t disagree with this more.

It’s not about the fans, it’s not about the media, it isn’t even that much about the vets and significant players on this season’s team

Bowl practices are meant to give guys like quarterback Cole Kelly,wide receivers Jordan Jones and Kofi Boateng (who will get his first practices since being hurt in preseason) tailback TJ Hammonds, the three redshirting linebackers, the safeties and cornerbacks, the young defensive linemen like redshirts Jonathan Marshall and Briston Guidry to get tons of work in the 15 practices.

It is invaluable.

Those guys have not gotten the reps they will in the bowl practices.

Yes Dudley I am old school…I feel a bowl game should be a reward for an excellent season. We didn’t have one. I pegged us for 7-5, but I didn’t see the loss to Missouri to start the year. I did see it as a pick em early in the week after watching us play the first 11 games.

I agree I saw a tough season but I didn’t see a loss to the worst team in the SEC - that hurt confidence badly

Then you are advocating hurting the team, and our prospects for next year, because you aren’t satisfied with the season. :roll:

Bowl games quit being a reward for an excellent season about 30 years ago when they started multiplying like rabbits. Right now about 6-8 teams will get bowl bids with a losing record because there are more bowls than winning/.500 teams can supply. I count 72 teams now with 6+ wins; a couple more may get there tonight, but they won’t get to 80 teams, which is what the bowls would need.

Amen Dudley

I hope it’s not the Liberty Bowl. We were just there.

Dudley he had all year to use Hammonds and Jones in which both should’ve played more and they could’ve really got some good experience.

If Ar-Kansas shows up, we’ll get beat regardless of the bowl game opponent.

Hammonds has been discussed ad nauseam. His problem has been ball security, carrying the ball far away from his body and asking to get it stripped. He did the same thing vs. MSU on his 30-yard run. If he doesn’t correct that, he won’t play much next year either.

As for Jones, he redshirted, hasn’t and won’t play a lick. But he can get 15 extra practices.

This would be a disaster, and this would put the fan base going wild…

Arkansas would beat Baylor…they mailed it in weeks ago.

The point is we should not skip the bowl.

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