Liberty Bowl Weather

Early forecast ( worth very little ) glad we are not playing there next Friday.

According to one of the local TV forecasts I watched last night, the wind chill here might be in the minus-20s Friday night.

Sitting at local brewery, 4 pints in, awaiting the Ravens game, and it’s almost 60 in the Lowcountry…. Godspeed @MattJones

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Next Friday forecast in ST Louis is 11 for high and 4 for low.

Are you a Ravens fan? Pathetic :stuck_out_tongue:


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Nashville is sustained cold and chance of snow dusting for Christmas. Perfect wind and cold to be miserable in that cold azz stadium. Would be very interesting if we had one more and made Vegas Bowl.

#RavensFlock baby!

@hog2009 hope you didn’t drive after those 4 pints…….

Rasslin would not be fun without good guys and bad guys. And the bad guys always make things more fun…… :wink:

I am coming back from Israel next Saturday and saw a forecast for when I get home to North Carolina for 0 degrees as a high and -12 degrees as a low. Ouch! Then I realized it was in Centigrade.

-12 Centigrade is still darn cold.

I found the site for heated jackets, vests, and gloves. I’m seriously thinking that I need to buy at least some gloves. Dadgum I get cold at baseball games.

Seems the older I get the colder I get. (Bad thinking there) Now where is my Afghan.

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It was actually cold enough for a coat over the weekend. I actually miss cold weather!

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Highs in the upper 70s here, It will be cold indeed when we get home.

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