Liberty Bowl Tickets

Ordered tickets thru the Razorback foundation. Has anyone received their tickets or know when they will be sent out? Thanks

Since this has been asked, Who is going?

Not me

I’m going. I have an order for 10 tickets. I go to all the bowl games that we make. Didn’t get to go from 2017 through 2019, unfortunate occurrence of really bad football teams.


Roulette at Southland

Grizz game

Blues City Ribs

Watch our young pups + KJ + Landers+ Rocket

Wouldn’t miss it!

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I called the ticket office yesterday because I had not gotten mine. They told me I had to download the ticketmaster app to get them. I did. I still don’t have them. I am not in panic mode yet, but sure wish they would go ahead and send them to me.

They usually wait pretty darn late to send out tickets for bowl games

I am going. Not a bad drive from Norfork.

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Is the press box food good there? I’ll bet you make a stop at Bass Pro Shop in Memphis.

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5 of us going!

Good barbecue in press box. It has rotated among several classic places.

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