Liberty Bowl target

Just tuned in in time to catch that targeting call that almost went by without notice. The commentators were just gushing over the great hit. The on field officials must have had their backs turned. It took a while for the booth to buzz in. WTH? Any time there’s a “crack!” like that at impact and the guy goes down and stays down, one would think targeting would be the first thing considered. And other times the zebras are throwing their hankies for what seems to be relatively incidental contact. :thinking:

There were two players ejected for targeting in that game.

Usually throw a flag and let the booth make the final decsion. The refs definitely missed that one.

I did not think it was targeting when I first saw it. I only concluded it was after watching the slow mo. I thought he led with shoulder. It happens quick. That’s what the replay is for, to catch the ones that are too fast in real time. I will also say that in some of the plays on the sideline, the referees are at an angle that they can’t tell in real time. There are two guys on either side of that play. But the angle they had might not have been best. I think when we watch on TV it’s easier sometimes than the guys on the field. I would not want their job. And, that’s good, because they probably don’t want me.

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