Liberty Bowl depth chart

Arkansas has announced its official depth chart for the Liberty Bowl.


Harper Cole has good speed?


Certainly it seemed Bauer and Little had good chemistry/timing on kicks. Is it your feeling that during the season Fletcher got enough reps as a holder for this to be a non-factor in Memphis?

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Are we playing four down linemen on defense ?

We don’t have enough depth to play 2 much less than 4.

Love it, hopefully it will help us against the Run and get some rush on the passer

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Actually our non-depth chart doesn’t look all that bad, all things considered. Let’s just hope everyone stays healthy.


Hopefully our pups can bite some people, as Darrell Royal might have said. Otherwise it might be a long day a la our Cotton Bowl meeting with Misery 15 years ago.

Man that was a long day. I was out in Dallas on Christmas break visiting the in-laws and we decided to go to the game… I remember it being cold and we played like crap so it was a long day

Gosh, whatever happens I don’t think it will be as bad as the Missouri Cotton Bowl game years ago. We have lost some players but haven’t lost the head coach.

We are going to discover the truth about our recruiting, depth, and coaching. Additionally, we will find out if there is something about the SEC mystique. This is like a final exam. It is no time for whining or excuses. WPS

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