Liberal strike zone

Tony Walsh is a good home plate umpire, but he has been inconsistent today. Twice I’ve seen ball three be followed up with a strike three looking on the same pitch in the same location.

It happened to Greg Deichmann on his called third strike in the fourth and it happened to Eric Cole there in the fifth.

The call on Cole was a real game changer. If was just an absurd call of a ball nowhere even remotely close to the zone. If impacted our hitters. They had to swing and anything close.

It really ruined a great game.

And. although the announcers said it was a good call on the check swing it’s a call they ring the hitter up on 9 out of 10xs.

But, we largely lost because of the Gates error, a lot of bad luck (hard hit balls at them, warning track outs) and Alberius nor taking advantage of the dumb zone and laying a few middle middle in key spots.

I was struck by some body language from LSU. Maybe they aren’t scared of us. Maybe they are. But we definitely have their attention.

Going against the book to intentionally walk Spanberger was surprising out of big, bad Lsu.

I sure would like a shot at them in Omaha with some more neutral umps and Knight or Stephans on the mound.

LSU did the same thing in the Saturday game that Arkansas blew earlier this year. Arkansas put two on in the ninth and Mainieri walked Spanberger (the winning run) to get to Bonfield, who struck out to end the game.

The hogs can’t rely on any calls. The check swing was a terrible call! The Gates error opened the door but go back and look at the at bat to lead off that inning. If we would have gotten the same liberal strike zone that single would have not happened. We left ducks on the pond and it must be mental against the freshman. He was nothing special and we helped him out as well as the umpire. I’d like to see them in Omaha
Great showing by our hogs!