LH & RH batting splits?

How do we compare when facing left handed and right handed pitchers? Youdaman mentioned we do poorly and i am curious how bad.


That would be good information to have for sure. I know it’s got to be pretty significant because we have not done well at all against them.
I think it’s because it takes away a lot of our power and the remaining right handed batters aren’t hitting well enough to offset that.
A real good left-handed pitchers hard on everybody but we have proven to not even be able to hit the high ERA left-handers like from Missouri State and UALR.

I don’t see those splits. You could once find them in the SEC statistical listings. I was surprised when Youdaman said they were poor. How did he find them, because I couldn’t find them?

Missouri started three lefty pitchers against the Hog. That was a long weekend. Southern Cal had all lefty pitching it seemed like. That was sometimes tough, too.

I’m just going by what I see,we haven’t swung the bats as a good against them.the start agianst the Mizzou state for ex.the missouri series for sure.OM lefty was effective… the kid from UALR the other night etc.