LH pitching

I think one of the things that can really make this team better is to find another LH for the bullpen.I think Wicklander will start but if not he can be very valuable in the Pen.I think Sanchez is supposed to be pretty good but didn’t hear much in the fall on him.I don’t think we have any others unless I’m forgetting someone.

Matt Cronin is left-handed. I think the coaches like the potential of freshman Caden Monke.

Yeah I knew Cronin was LH was just hoping we would have another left-hander to match up if we needed to. Haven’t heard of Monk hope he will help us.

It’s only been a few years since there was no LH pitching on staff. I’m glad that’s over.

Yes, Dave Van Horn spoke highly of Caden Monke as lefty who might be able to help out of the bullpen. He also said that Angus Denton has improved greatly in pitching to lefties. I think you will see Denton get a lot of work as a set-up man. The bullpen is loaded. Yes, there are a lot of righthanded guys in the bullpen, but it’s really the strength of this team.

that sounds good,never even heard of Monke,did he throw in the exhibition games?? Hopefully he can help us.

A strong bullpen may be needed. I’m hoping Campbell has figured out pitching out of the stretch and can normally go at least five innings. We all know that Friday night spot is critical to winning series. When he is on, he is awesome but history tells us that when he struggles, it’s sometimes mightily.

Clay any chance Milligan makes it back to the hill?

Hunter has to get healthy first. That is sometimes a trick. He left on good terms. But, he was a Wes Johnson guy. Maybe he likes Matt Hobbs as well, but things change.

I’m with you on hoping Campbell has pitching out of the stretch figured out! I’d like to see him be able to pitch into the 7 th inning as a Friday night starter. He has the stuff he just needs to remain confident.

The option of having a few lefties is always welcome. It will be great for the baseball season to start.