Leylah Fernandez - WOW

Before I post this, let me say, it’s been a lot of years since I followed women’s tennis.

This young Filipino teenager is amazing. I’ve never seen nor heard of her before. She beat Osaka and now is up a break in the 3rd set against 5 seeded Svilitona.

Leylah is a lefty and spends nearly all the time between plays bouncing up and down. She’s a joy to watch and seemingly all the fans in the stadium have become fans of hers.

I didn’t even realize the US Open was being played this week. I just turned the TV on to see if MLB channel was going to carry the White Sox game tonight and it came up on ESPN showing this match.

For tennis buffs, she moved on to the semis with a 3rd set tiebreaker 7-5 win. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m going to at least record her next match and watch it later

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Enjoyed watching her play and will be pulling for her.

This has been the best US Open in a long long time. Three teenagers have been the highlights of the Open and the second best story so far.

Leylah turned 19 yesterday. She is born and raised in Canada and plays for Canada. Her father is from Ecuador and mother from Philippines. Whole family now is Canadian.

Other female teenager us Emma Raducanu, 18 year old from Great Britain, she plays her quarter final tomorrow. Her father is from Romania and mother from Chile.

Then there is 18 year old Carlos Alvarez from Spain, who plays his quarter final later today. He beat #3 seed in the third round.

Everyone thought American teenager Coco Gauff would be the one to highlight the Open, but these three have taken over.

There have been many gripping matches, especially the night session, I am glued to the TV.

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