Levi Draper

just spoke with a friend who’s a huge Sooner fan. He said that OU’s LB coach is Barry Odom’s younger brother, and that he used to be on Barry’s staff.

I didn’t know that, but it may be part of why Levi landed in Fayetteville.

More importantly, it could make his transition to our D easier than expected. My sooner friend thinks Levi will start and play well for us, fwiw.


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Very interesting, thanks Holdenhog.

Doesn’t mention that he’s Barry’s brother but it makes sense.

Most on this board have slammed OU for playing no defense. So not sure why anyone thinks Draper can play a lot or start for the mighty Hogs of the SEC. That said, glad to have him.

OU has a LB expected to go in the 1st round this draft, and another who’s been all-big 12 the past 2 years.

They’ve been in the playoffs regularly.

I can’t stand OU, hope they lose their next 1000 games, but we are in no condition to turn down their backup players. at least not yet!


Draper had to play in a new scheme last year. I don’t recall him being very productive at all when he played. Maybe a different scheme and staff will do him some good. I don’t think he’s any world beater but hopefully will be a surprise. But you are right. OU’s worst defensive players (not saying Draper is that) could probably play a lot for Arkansas right now.

The OU stats say Draper played in all 14 games but only recorded three tackles. His last tackle was against Texas Tech in Game 4. His roster bio says he played mainly on special teams.

Sooners were actually decent at linebacker. Secondary was thin and defensive line just so-so. The secondary was similar to Arkansas two years ago, but a little better last year. But depth was a problem. After the ejection against LSU, the Sooners looked weak again in secondary.

I was not impressed with the Big 12 last year. Baylor was nothing special. The Bears won and I’ll give credit for that but I was not overly excited watching them play.

I believe Rhule knew it was gonna be tough to maintain. Or he would not have jumped so quickly to the NFL.

I will chime in on the statement that Clay made about the big 12. I get to watch them play several times a year. (Have a son that graduated from there). Part of OU’s problem on defense is reflective of the teams they play in the big 12 every year. They throw it around the yard a lot. Playing Physical was only an after thought until they got their new DC this past season. Their defense also practices against a team that spreads you out and throws it around the yard a lot. They put a premium on recruiting more defensive players in this past class just like Arkansas did. They know it is a problem after watching the other three playoff teams this past season.

Clay, a reference to your old stomping grounds, and where I first saw your byline.

The Tulsa World today had a damning commentary about the Big 12. They noted that 90+ SEC players are invited to the NFL combine, while 29 are invited from the Big 12. They noted the elite schools have 10+ (LSU, Georgia, Clemson, etc) but OU, Texas, OSU, and Baylor COMBINED have that.

There is all you need to know about the two conferences. IIRC, UA had four invited…and OU had four…and Texas had four…I am ready for the day UA has 6-8.

Really wish we had Kam Curl back for one more year. He’s one of those guys that grows one more year, gets a lot of buzz at the combine, and helps UA that extra year on campus.

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