Letter to Santa football Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I want the other 65% of our offensive playbook, and I would like for it to be 100% of our offensive playbook.

I would like more uni’s and combinations of.

I would like 100 points a game, but will take 50-60 if you can’t quite get 100.

I would like something exciting on first downs, surprise me!

Less advertising and more highlights.

Sorry the cookies are stale and sorry we only had 2 left, and sorry we are out of milk.

I almost forgot, could you move us up on the delivery list? I don’t know, say move us up to the top 15 or 20? That’d Be great.

I would be happy with Top 5-10 overall recruiting classes the next 3+ years.
Taking rain checks.

PS Santa - please throw in a great punter while you’re at it.

And the Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies will be waiting for you as usual…

Dear Santa,

Ive been a very good boy this year so I want:

I want Arkansas Football to be nationally relevant every year so ESPN Cant ignore Arkansas
I want a Arkansas SEC Basketball Championship
I want an Arkansas College World Series Championship
I want an Arkansas Football SEC Championship
I want UTexas (Spit) as our end of season game

That’s all

Dear Santa
I would like a good OL for the next 25 years. That should cover the amount of suffering we have had these past 10 years!

A QB that has quick feet, a cannon for an arm and runs like a deer!

A defense that can stop the run and cream the QB which would make the passing a total loss for opponents.

In basketball please give us 3 players each year that are at least 6’10" that can run the floor, agile with quick feet and soft hands,
Shoots FT 75%, FG 60% and 3’s 40% and can handle the ball. Oh and it would be nice to let us keep them on the hill for at least 3 years. A point guard that is quick and sees and reads the floor. It would be nice for him to 6’6". It would be nice for the next 25 years or so for every player across the country to want to be a hog.
Keep CMA and his staff healthy and give them an abundance of wins. ( 2 national championships in the next 4 years will be nice)

3 RHP and 3 LHP that can Locate to both sides of plate, dominate fastball that hit 100mph, a back breaking curve, a nasty splitter, and a changeup that buckles knees. Solid d defense and hitters that hit with power and average. An annual tip to Omaha for 25 years and a National championship every 3 years.
I guess that would be good enough this year.
As a bonus I’d like to see you deliver punishment to every cheating coach in athletics at every level and ban them from ever coaching again. If you need a list I’m sure it could be provided.

Merry Christmas Santa


Please don’t look in my fishing closet. And, since you didn’t, I really need a new fly rod.

(P.S. I don’t count how many pairs of shoes are in my wife’s closet as long as she doesn’t count my fly rods. I understand you need different shoes for different outfits and she kind of understands that there are different fly rods for different rivers. There are lots of rivers.)

A shiny surprising grad transfer QB and a winning season!

What’s your favorite fly rod for say the white or Norfolk rivers? Mine used to be an orvis western 9 ft 5 weight. But the sage 9 ft 3 weight is a blast to use.