Lets talk something other than coaches for a minute

With selection Sunday 30 min away does Bama get in as the 4th team or left out for the 1st time?

I can see arguments for Bama and tOSU, but I’ve seen someone yesterday say, you HAVE to put tOSU in, if not conference championships mean nothing. I’ve also seen a push for an extended playoff. Bama getting in, would speed up those talks, just like it did with the BCS.

Looking at overall body of work, in my opinion Bama should get the nod for 1 loss, instead of two. Iowa should be the deal breaker for tOSU

I’ve wondered this, too. I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I’m happy to see Bama left out, but on the other I wouldn’t mind seeing the SEC get two in & see the Big 10 left out.

OSU doesn’t have as strong an argument for being conf. champs and getting in, based on very similar situation last year. Here’s a compelling argument by Clay Travis making just this point. https://www.seccountry.com/alabama/clay … ll-playoff

Clay Travis, really?

Tosu is going to get in, bama is out or should be.

very constructive rebuttal to the points made in favor of bama - that nearly everyone that is not biased is also making btw.

Ohio State was in a similar situation last year and got the spot over the Big 10 Conference Champion, Penn State. The reasoning was Ohio State had the better record and Penn State had a loss to a team that was not ranked, if I remember correctly (and, yes, I am too lazy to look it up). The Buckeyes’ blowout loss to Iowa should allow Alabama to have that 4th spot. The committee should not worry that the Big 10 will be butt hurt because they got shutout. IMO

Penn State lost to Pitt (which also beat eventual NC Clemson) and got blown out by Michigan. The U-M blowout was probably what kept them out. But Michigan was in the top 5 at the time. Iowa was nowhere near the top 25 when they demolished Tattoo U.

Yes but look aTm the college Gameday crew, they’re almost all from B1G. Money pushes ratings

Bama it is