Let's talk Duke For A Moment

Yeah, I know, last thing any Razorback fan wants to talk about right now is the Duke Blue Devils lol!. But I’m genuinely curious what folks on this board think about the future of Duke basketball, knowing that this is K’s last ride, and that the reins of the program are being handed over to a guy with ZERO head coaching experience, on any level.

Does Scheyer sustain the level of success that K achieved and maintained at Duke, or does Duke men’s hoops basically fall off the side of a cliff, never to return to its glory days under K?

I honestly don’t know, but if I were a Duke fan, I’d be really, really worried.

I think they will always be relevant because of K success but I can see they’re being a little bit of a drop off possibly. Your replacing a legend like that it’s hard to maintain that kind of status. But we will see

Interesting point. I can see that. Some drop off, but not a complete collapse. Similar to what happened at Florida after Billy D left. White kept the Gators competitive for the most part, but there was a noticeable decline in success on the court.

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My answer is No. UCLA did not after Wooden and Bama will not after Saban leaves in football similar to what happened when Bear retired. Following a legend , is an impossible dream.

Excellent point. I could see that happening at Duke as well.

I thought Texas tech better than duke w first year coach so who knows.

K is a brand and demand of excellence you can’t just replace though

Kentucky, UCLA didn’t fall off the map. most recently North Carolina didn’t

I think the brand will keep it going for awhile, if success keeps going, it will continue due to it being “Duke”, but if play starts downward, I can see in a few years not having the luster it now has.

Arkansas has the #2 recruiting class this year. You know who’s #1? Duke. FOUR 5-stars.

They’ll be just fine.

I’m sure Duke fans are concerned with what might happen because you never know when the reigns of a program are handed over. But they have a lot of talent on hand and (as Swine said) the #1 class coming in. They aren’t about to fall off a cliff.

As for the new coach having no head coaching experience, it might matter but it might not. I don’t really know anything about Scheyer and his history, but they gave him the job for a reason. They could have attracted any number of candidates but decided to stick within the program.

Sam Pittman had no head coaching experience on the major college level, but that seems to be working out pretty well. I just think that anyone writing them off because Coach K will no longer be there is making a mistake.

I want to see how next year goes for them, can he coach the talent, Cal cant

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Coaching always matters. Imagine Houston and phi slamma jamma with a top end coach.

They may not have those 5 stars long. Will this guy sign more?

It won’t be easy.


Right, but those four 5-stars still have to be coached on the court, by a guy with ZERO head coaching experience. And, also, those are K’s recruits. Can this Scheyer guy consistently bring in top 4-star and 5-star players to Duke? I doubt it. A couple of mediocre seasons in a row and the Duke/K brand is pretty severely tarnished. I think a drop off in both talent and success on the court is inevitable; very similar to what happened at Florida when Billy D left. I for one would be fine with it. Duke has been on top long enough.



Didn’t the entire 2022 class for Duke sign knowing already that they would be playing for Jon Scheyer?? I understand the idea that they are “Coach K’s recruits”, but each of those signees knew for whom they would be playing.

Hard to replace a legend, but I think this may go better than many previous situations because it seems to me that the media and the NCAA will be motivated to see Duke’s prominence continue and likely will lend whatever assistance they see fit. Unlikely you see the NCAA to make rule changes like they did with the hand checking rule that on its surface looked very much aimed at Coach Richardson’s coaching style. Also won’t likely see a gutting of a recruiting class at Duke like we saw at Arkansas after our rise to the top. Not saying that the recruiting was without question, but the Sunday Adebayo situation sure looked like there was some animus or arbitrary enforcement involved as well.

Expect a gradual decline in Duke basketball under Coach K’s replacement unless he somehow proves to be equally successful. Same happened to some elite teams from the past (ie Georgetown, Marquette, UCLA, & NC) who were considered perennial elites but relinquished that status after losing great coaches. In the meantime, Duke will try to hang onto its elite status reputation as long as possible in efforts to continue recruiting top talent per riding on Coach K’s legacy.

They still have a pipeline of payments going to Duke recruits and families. That will always make them relevant.

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I understand that. My question is why has NO player, or family spilled the beans on any of this. Write a book, something???

Since they probably did not report the extra income on their taxes, there would be some fines and jail time involved from the IRS. The system is well in place and they have ways to make sure it is in all recruits and coaches best interest NOT to spill the beans and kill the goose laying lots of golden eggs all over the college recruiting payola world. After the statute of limitations expired, there have been admissions about big money being paid recruits. John Wooden’s great teams were bought and paid for long before Cal and his cronies developed their system.


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