Let's talk Devo for a minute!

I mean where do you start with this young man.

I’ve had so much fun watching him grow. As we all know his defense is top tier.

I’m so impressed with how he’s worked on his three point shot. For it to look so good now, he had to have spent hours upon hours in the gym shooting.

After him and Muss got into it in Maui I was afraid Devo might fall apart. Devo shook it off and came back better than before.

What a career Devo has had at Arkansas. I hope he comes back next year to lead the next group. Devo thank you for everything you have given us. You are a true Razorback!


Devo seems to truly enjoy the game and I know one is going to be all smiles after a win, but yesterday’s post game interview with the CBS reporter kind of demonstrated the passion and joy that he brings to the game. Sure have enjoyed watching him, hopefully we get more this year and another year.


Excellent points Jeff. Developing your shots is a product of hours and hours in the gym working on it. My nieces daughter spent every moment possible at the AAO facility in Springdale working on her game. Her mom, dad, sister and my brother in law (and others) rebounded for her and got her there hundreds and hundreds of time. That is on top of regular practices and workouts with trainers. It all paid off with around 32 D1 offers. It does not just happen. It’s hours of work.

Hats off Devo. Proud of you.

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He had a great game yesterday; he was the difference maker.

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