Let's talk about defending Chad Kelly...

We won last year, but Kelly just ran and passed on us at will. Surely we will not have the same defensive plan as last year. It was a bust. He is their offense both running and throwing. Can we not find a Wayne Harris clone who can put him on the ground? We need to put heat on him like every team has put on Austin Allen. Let’s see if he can handle it.

If we play bend and break against Ole Miss again, I will question Coach Bielema’s leadership. Why not put Agim at defensive end? We need the pass rush. Let’s blitz and disguise what we are doing. If you have great talent on defense, you can just line up and play. We don’t. We need to gamble on defense. We aren’t good enough to play straight up on any good offense. I would like to see Agim get a good shot on Chad Kelly.

The only thing that gives me hope is that Bucky Freeze is on the other sideline. We do have an advantage there.

Kelly is interesting because he can hurt you with his feet and coaches are usually wary of bringing too much pressure against a quarterback who can run. He reminds me a little of Trevor Knight, although probably not as quick. He ran for more yards against Arkansas last year than Derrick Henry or Leonard Fournette. In fact, he was the only player to rush for more than 100 yards against the Razorbacks in regulation. Given Arkansas’ troubles stopping the quarterback on the read option, my guess is Ole Miss will test that early.

I think Ole Miss will score a lot of points Saturday. The difference in this game and the Razorbacks’ first two in conference is that the Rebels’ defense is not very good. I think it could be a 50s-40s, 40s-30s type game, and I expect Kelly and Austin Allen to both have big passing numbers.

Agree. I’m more interested in the final score than stats.

Kelly ain’t no Bo Wallace. He CAN run, but he beats you throwing the ball. He is very good at reading the defense and knowing what is available. They actually ran the ball well against Tiger High (Memphis) so I’m worried that they will try to “take what is available”.
Bama “watched the film”. We had been very effective with a “bootleg rollout” and hitting a “dragging” TE. It did not work vs Bama… On second thought, I do HOPE OM watched the film. If they did, they are taking this game for granted and we’ll surprise them!!!

They have IMO most impressive group of receivers in SEC to go along with Kelley. They have improved running game. Don’t think we can stop them and I don’t see our offense out scoring them again. Not with what I’ve seen from offense so far. Hope I’m wrong and we break out. This is most crucial game for successful year

The offensive coordinators in the league get paid a lot of money.

It is obvious to me that they have identified and game planned the weakness of a Rob Smith defense.

The worst thing we can do keep play the same schematic defense we’ve played the last 3 years. Trying the same thing over and over with the same players and expecting different results borders on insanity.

The one thing we know about Kelly is that he can make a mistake if he is pressured.

We have to change our tendencies. That means more blitzes, sometime only rushing 2 and dropping 9.

I also think we need our most athletic guys playing a lot. I want to see Ledbetter, Wise, Agim, Twain, and Ramsey playing until they can’t go any more.

Our goal should be to hold them to 40 or less. I think we have to score at least 45 to have a chance in this game.

OM is a weaker RUN defense than A&M and Bama so I expect the dynamic of play action to be effective this week. We will be able to run and use play action pass to create long drives that limit Kelly’s time on the field.