Let's start with the O-line plays better this Saturday................

…and they give Ty more time so he does not throw an interception. Zero. That is a good start.

Then there is enough of a running threat from Ty and the running backs that the passing part of the RPO gets going too. Maybe we see some tunnel screens, Hammond & Jones jet sweeps, maybe a trick play or two.

Let’s say we get a break in the kicking game. They fumble a punt or Stewart breaks on a big return, etc.

Given no turnovers on our part, the defense plays better and they get a turnover or two, say a fumble recovery and a tipped pass interception for a TD.

So, the game stays close and the Auburn team and crowd get frustrated because they aren’t getting the blowout they expected.

We will need help from Auburn, particularly in the 4th quarter, but all of this is how monumental upsets happen and they do happen from time to time. The odds are really low of much of this happening, but it COULD. Go Hogs!

Time to wake up Hogmodo… Nice dream, but it could happen and I hope like hell it does…

Time to wake up Hogmodo… Nice dream, but it could happen and I hope like hell it does…

Arkansas currently leads the nation in fumbles recovered with 7 in 3 games.

We seem to be pretty good at forcing fumbles with both Agim and Watts doing a great job in forcing turnovers.

We need to force and recover several Saturday to keep this from being a blow out loss. Needs lots of defensive help as the offense cannot seem to find any consistency and not likely to find it at Auburn on a Saturday night.


Yea, I know. But it does happen from time to time: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-f … st-decade/”>https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/biggest-upset-win-every-sec-team-last-decade/</LINK_TEXT>

Even with better protection, I don’t see Ty throwing the ball well. Nor do I see him making any plays with his feet. At best, he will keep his poise and not turn the ball over. I do think our Defense is capable of keeping us in this game for awhile, as long as they aren’t having to defend a short field on series after series. My hopes for our special teams are minimal. Just don’t have any major screw ups like last week. Play a clean game and maybe we only lose by 3 or 4 TD’s.

Just kidding with you modo. You have to laugh to keep from crying. :frowning:

Our only hope is our defense makes plays forces a few fumbles, we seem to be pretty good at that. Next the offense must take advantage of it. Auburn offense hasn’t got rollin yet this year.
But Auburn’s defense & especially front 7 might be one of the best in the nation & Ty will be running for his life. Don’t see us making any long drives of 70-80 yards or more.

We are very soft in the OL and have very poor pad level and no explosion out of our stance.We basically are trying to “position” block and you can do that if you are very quick off the ball and your technique is on point.
We are getting beat off the ball badly and really are just “catching” them which will never create running lanes.We are going to have to get MUCH more aggressive and change the snap count quite a bit to give us a better 1st step off the ball which would help in getting better blocking angles. Long ways to go!!!

How do you “change the snap count” in a HUNH shotgun? Aren’t both defensive and offensive linemen both just waiting for the center to snap the ball thus giving no “edge” to the offensive linemen “knowing the snap count.” Isn’t that just the price you pay for being able to signal the play in from the sideline after the defense sets up?

good point definently be tough in the shotgun and that is a downside to the formation when you are under center you can get DL to jump with different counts b/c even though they are supposed to watch the ball,trust me they Dont! teams go on the same count so much the DL anticipates it and negates the OL advantage.

You might be able to “train” the DL by having either a guard or the center give a call when the ball was ready to be snapped, and then signaling in from the sideline that on this play there either won’t be a call or the first call will be a dummy call. College and pro teams are already having a guard nudge/tap the center when the ball is ready to snap, so you could do that and then use the calls to change things up. The receivers and the backfield are all going on motion anyway when you are on the road in the SEC, so they don’t lose a lot by letting the OL play games with their counterparts.

You have to get the play in and have everyone ready to go with enough time left to try this stuff, and it still won’t work as well as changing a snap count or giving a hard count, but it might keep the DL from just screaming off the LOS every play.

I hope Storey doesn’t get hurt. Rolling out might keep him out of harm’s way.

Force fumbles

And two words to Coaches Morris and Craddock


Youdaman correct. DLs don’t watch the balls. Lots of ways to key the snap. It can be a clap, a foot move or a call.

Roll out and roll right into their Dend who will be coming from either side as there is no way on earth that the Otackles will block them. They could not block NTS. The guys Sat. will be real SEC Dends. I hope he has good medical insurance, and a Will. Probably will need both!

Yes, I hear ya, but rolling out might be better than waiting for the DEs to meet at the QB. Rolling out might eliminate one of them anyway.

I like and concur— my kind of thinking

I like and concur— my kind of thinking