lets stand and proudly sing our anthem tomorrow

I also posted this on the basketball board

Some players choose to kneel for our national anthem. We choose to sing.

I challenge Razorback fans to stand in honor and sing your hearts out tomorrow at the Arkansas-Florida football game. I also challenge every fan attending a college football game in our amazing country to stand and sing. Tomorrow. We need to listen to the concerns of those protesting our anthem. But it should unite us, not divide us. Let’s talk about the issues, but not forget how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth.

God bless America


Protest cuts both ways . I think the fans, the patriotic fans who see this as a disgrace against the flag , our national anthem , and what we stand for , should all walk out of the game

Man, after the initial outrage ---- you get to thinking, how did it become okay to kneel during the anthem, I guess you could spit on the flag if you want, and is nothing sacred anymore ? A bunch of kids think they have enough perspective on life to lead the rest of us to their way of thinking. Kids that have never been responsible for anything really ---- not even their own meals if they are an athlete. The “Look at Me” generation that think’s Kaepernick is anything but a posing moron, rears its ugly head. Just went to Gettysburg two weeks ago. A moving experience to me, even though my family fought under a different flag back then, but later fought under the Stars and Stripes in France, Korea, and Nam. People have fought and died for that flag for the freedom of people they never met and of a different race, including Lady Razorbacks. Not a “Look at Me, I am on twitter” generation concept I guess. Embarrassing and you gotta wonder how their parents feel if they have a brain. What did they do today to forward the rights of the oppressed as they called it ? Went to class and practice ? Amazing.

I am very confident that those demanding to be heard have no intention of hearing me when I tell them how disrepectful and counter productive I think their kneeling display was. Being heard, demanding tolerance is a one way street these days.

I have seen Raazorback fans get madder and redder in the face over this issue than any UA related issue in my lifetime. But judging from some posters and others, the only thoughts and concerns that are legitimate and worthy of honor are those of the kneelers. Pure sophistry and hyocracy rules the day.

I truly hope tomorrow that the UA fan base shows an outpouring of overwhelming support when the national anthem is played. But then again the mush heads of the world will only construe our patriotism as mean spirited and uninformed. Don’t see a good outcome to any of this, because, once again, only one point of view, only one form of passionate expression is tolerated in today’s world. The wounds the ladies feel are the only ones worthy of healing, the wounds the ladies inflicted on others by kneeling are irrelevant to them.

I find this issue very disturbing on all fronts. It should never be.

Folks that are still children want to make a stand, here… Millions of others who are no longer children also want to make a stand. I understand that. I even agree with their compassion, but there is so much wrong with society besides this one issue. No nation has done more to make society as a whole better than this one. We have come a long way, but it is also true that we have a long way to go. This nation has never been perfect and never will. We have done many disgraceful things throughout our history, but it is also true we have learned despite it all.

The National Anthem is a song about the courage and determination of a new breed in this world determined to improve life for all people every where. That determination and fight has never ended and never will. It is sung at appropriate moments to give pause and pay respect for all that has been achieved, and to honor those that have given all in an effort to achieve that goal. It is not a measuring stick of what we have achieved or still must achieve.

I do not think it is appropriate for an athlete that represents an entire team, their coaches, their school, the alumni of that school, and for that matter, an entire state to disrespect a symbol that exemplifies exactly what they want and expect. My personal opinion is that they need to do that on their own dime if they feel that strongly about it. Yes, they have the right to do it. Yes, you have the right to walk out or withhold support when they do. I think both responses are very sad and regrettable. Just my opinion.

I am a big fan of the 1st Amendment! But, when you are a member of the University of Arkansas women’s basketball team you should follow the wishes of your coach and university.

If you want to demonstrate something, do it on your own time away from the university and it’s arena. Coach Dykes should teach them what the proper respect for the flag is. The flag represents all of us and to disrespect it is to disrespect us all. It is a symbol that many men and women have died for and should be respected.

I am not thrilled about the protest, partly because of the respect I hold for the anthem and what it represents, but really I am as much disturbed by the culture by which so many actions like these are guided by so called role models and repeated with less insight and discernment than deserved. I could almost understand and or respect an original statement that was not commercialized by a media and culture that often seems so disjointed from what so many see as acceptable.

It is also sad that so many performers and athletes have been led to believe, also reinforced by that same media, that because they are gifted in their vocation that their opinion is equally gifted. Yes they have the same rights of free speech as others, but maybe just the same rights. Of course we helped create some of this, so we can’t totally freak out when it goes awry.

8 years of our first black president this nation is still so divided. You are correct about the millennial generation. They are ignorant of the past and think the world revolves around them. Those of you in business having to employ these kids know this to be true. They should play the sport they have been given the privilege to play and leave their politics and social issues in the locker room.