Let's stand and proudly sing our anthem tomorrow

Some players choose to kneel for our national anthem. We choose to sing.

I challenge Razorback fans to stand in honor and sing your hearts out tomorrow at the Arkansas-Florida football game. I also challenge every fan attending a college football game in our amazing country to stand and sing. Tomorrow. We need to listen to the concerns of those protesting our anthem. But it should unite us, not divide us. Let’s talk about the issues, but not forget how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth.

God bless America.


BTW…Nolan recently said that there was NO WAY anybody who played for him would NOT stand for the anthem…interesting

Or take a page out of Hockey…once the anthem starts just clap and cheer. Very impressive when I have seen it.

That ought to teach those "American Citizens"a lesson.

Will you be wearing those ashtray’s on your head while saluting like they do at Camp Pendleton???

“Semper Fi”