Lets play

ARKANSAS!! It;s so fun to play. Remember we made a a lot of money for several coaches.

O goody we made a bunch of money for a bunch of teams.!!! Yea and with that pod cast stuff we can leave it on ans hear everything.

I bet when we fired CBB the teams were just ready to go. He HE HE

I wonder what the count is going to be this year. I thought the time before Arkansas would have learned their lesson. BUT NOPE.

Or the time before that and the one before that. They just keep wanting to play. It’s M’s and M’s. My calculator has broke,

He’s a hunter, thought we were doomed. NO Money to spread around.

Wonder if I can live long enough to see another game of let’s play ARKANSAS.

Do you think Arkansas will ever “GET IT” Well I don’t know but the we better get back this session is still in!!!

Think about this if it’s not deleted.

A lot OF money has been made just on Arkansas.

The issue is big name coaches just don’t leave established programs for Arkansas(unless there is a connection to the university). Look around outside of Aggies when was last time a big name left to go elsewhere? I guess there may have a been a shot at Sampson had he lost first round of Dance and maybe Beard if similar circumstances…but that’s just not happening. We are in the agent helping business, handing out raises like Santa.

I think the biggest issue is that the program is not where we need it to be to get a big name coach that’s at a program that he’s built to seriously consider coming and starting over at Arkansas.

We’re not at that level, but we are demanding that we get a coach that’s at that level (fans, boosters, admin. etc.). The desires are not linking with the status of the program right now.

We have to get it a good coach that we can get now… build and hope for the best. That’s not what people want to hear, but I think that’s where we are now… and I think people are seeing it, but they’re in denial.

I know what you are saying, and mostly agree… but TT is not a big time established program. They have been a place for up-and-comers (like Beard) and a place to rehab tarnished, fired, aging, & tired coaches (Bobby Knight & Tubby Smith). We have sometimes been a place for the former, but the only time I can think we might have been the latter was Danny Ford (but that was Football - he had a Championship on his resume - and he was not that old).

Arkansas plays in the SEC West, a very tough division where it’s very tough to win on the road. Moreover, Arkansas does not have a center. Even West Texas (aka the desert) has better high school programs than Arkansas does. You gonna leave an established program (where you’re next to God) for that. I don’t see it. Hope I’m wrong.

You might want to check, but I don’t think that in Basketball there is an East and West.

Someone please tell me exactly why it would be harder to recruit a handful of Texas High School players to come to Fayetteville instead of Lubbock?

The UofA has thousands of kids from Texas enrolled that are not playing sports! They were not recruited for high profile sports, yet chose to come to Arkansas instead of staying in Texas at one of the many, many schools there.


Kind of an apples to oranges comparison.

The reason you see so many Texas kids at the UA is because of 2 things. Texas schools are hard to get into, and they’re a higher on tuition.

Why would they go to Lubbock instead of Fayetteville to play sports? TTU is about on the same level as the UA in competitive terms, and Texas is home, but it all comes down to a decision based on how well the programs that are recruiting them fit.

This game is played a lot by coaches. When John Calipari was in Memphis the sports writers there referred to it as the “Spring Ritual”. It was always a drawn out affair and he either wound up with an extension, more money, and more love from the fan base. Sometimes all three. He never had plans to leave just to use the interest from other schools to his advantage. Then Kentucky offered, a place he wanted to go, and he was gone over night. Funny, he is still using that approach as evidenced by the UCLA interest this year and Kentucky making a sweeter deal for him. Beard really interested? No one really knows but if HY does pull this off he will probably get to retire at Arkansas.

But, if you are being recruited by the same coach to either place and offered a free ride, why would those apples to oranges comparison reasons matter at all? (And I know I am the one that brought it up.) My point was that there are Texas kids that are choosing to come to Arkansas, for whatever reason… and I think we could safely say that most would like Fayetteville better than Lubbock. To say Lubbock is a better place to be is not normal thinking… it is just a product of the self-defeatist attitude that is rampant with our fanbase right now.

Total aside: someone might say they want to go to Lubbock to study Wind Engineering under Kishor Mehta, but one of his disciples (Panneer Selvam) is on the faculty in Fayetteville… so there is that! :slight_smile: More wind in Lubbock though… so dang, I’ll concede that point! :lol:

Because they are Texans first and foremost. They’re generally very proud of their state, and all other things being the same, they’ll stay at home 99% of the time. Most people down there (and across the rest of the country, for that matter) look down on Arkansas as being backwards and illiterate. Not being self-defeatist, just the reality I was reminded of too many times in 22 years of service in the US Air Force.

Sure, when mom and dad are footing the bill for Johnny or Susie to go to school, they’ll gladly send them to the UA to get their degrees and use the difference buying them cars and so forth, but where it applies to athletics, the kid is going to choose to stay in Texas when there is a quality, proven coach involved. I’ll agree with you in saying that Lubbock is not as nice as Fayetteville. I was stationed in Clovis, NM, roughly 115 miles from Lubbock, and it’s in the middle of nowhere, but Texans are a proud bunch with a big talent pool to choose from.

Very well. I just hope Chad Morris doesn’t agree with this, or our Football program is forever doomed and he will soon go back home to Texas.

There just aren’t enough athletic schollies to go around down there, particularly at the bigger schools. Combine that with a HUGE talent pool, and it’s safe to say the pool won’t run dry anytime soon. lol

I long for the days when we have another coach who can beat out schools like KU for players again. Sutton did it with Scott Hastings, and we saw how that turned out. He’s often overlooked when folks talk about who they’d put on their all-time Razorback teams, but the teams he played on would’ve been decidedly different without him. Outside of the Triplets, that was one of the very best players Sutton ever signed to come here.

You do realize now that your first line is bringing you back into agreement with me, right? :smiley: BTW, I am NOT trying to argue… just making points about why I think Beard could do well at AR too, and why I don’t think it is a waste of time.

And as to your second paragraph… I feel this keenly. I have two sons that are friends (and one that played this year) with Issac McBride (AR Player of the Year 2019). Issac wanted to be a Razorback, and made it known for years, but ended up settling for Kansas. :lol: This is one instance where a great player was knocking loudly on our door and I never once heard the phrase, “the numbers will work themselves out”, when he was being discussed. Although we hear it often when we did not have scholarships to throw around and other local talents were being pursued. I am sure we will hear the usual excuses again about Issac… but I believe without a doubt that if MA had ever shown ANY serious interest, Mackey would be a Hog.

Trust me, I’m not trying to argue, either. Sometimes I’m just too darn wordy for my own good. lol

I do agree that unless they have a legit reason to wait to talk with Beard, it’s a large waste of time which could easily cost us a quality hire. The problem with swinging for the fences is that you usually strike out. lol