Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water...........................

…all you have to do is look at Georgia, Stanford, and Wisconsin to see that power running football, in this age of HUNH Spreads all over, can work very well. The folks that want to pile onto CBB’s failure to hire the coach and recruit the players to get his sorely needed powerful offensive line and use that as justification to throw out the whole scheme need to back off. The same thing needs to happen to the “I hate Jeff Long and he needs to go too” crowd. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but there is not an AD in the country that, in the same situation that Long was in, would not have jumped at the chance to have a three time Big Ten Champ Rose Bowl coach who wanted to come to your place. There are a bunch of fans who have not forgiven Long for not finding a way to keep Bobby Petrino and are now excited to blame him for CBB’s failures. Some are even blaming Enos for our offensive problems. His passing game has been compensating for the offensive line’s weakness for over two seasons and, now that pass protection is even weaker than before, he is being blamed for “being too predictable.”

We just need a better O-line coach/recruiter and a better recruiting power oriented head coach to take the present program up to the next level. Starting all over again from top to bottom is not the solution.

I respectfully disagree - both Stanford and Wisconsin don’t have to run against SEC fronts each and every week and Georgia has one of the best recruiting bases in the country and can recruit better linemen. We can’t recruit enough good OL to make this work

The state we need to recruit better in is Texas and it’s by and large a spread state. Heck Arkansas is a spread state. I’d like to see a dynamic youn coach that employs an aggressive offensive attack that spreads the field and puts playmakers in space. Mike Norvell, Matt Campbell, Chad Morris, etc. come to mind.

PS this team as it is currently constituted is better equipped to run the spread. Hiring a “better” CBB makes the rebuild harder. Part of the problem now is CBB insists on running a scheme we don’t have the personnel up front to execute.

Wisconsin beat LSU last year and they destroyed us. When we had Pittman, Kirkland, Tretola, Skipper, etc. we appeared on the verge of having the powerful offensive line required to run that system. There have been times (Florida game last year, LSU game in Baton Rouge two years ago, Tennessee game in Knoxville, bowl game against Texas, the beat down we gave Texas Tech at their place, etc.) when you could see it could be a thing of beauty. Georgia did not steal our offensive line coach and tried to steal our offensive coordinator to put in the spread. Starting all over with a totally different offensive system is not necessary. JMVVVVHO

I completely agree with Jackson…whatever that is worth. Coach Bielema just can’t recruit the studs it requires to run his system. We had a very good line the year Brandon Allen was a senior, but that has been it.

The subject I don’t see discussed much is the fact he has not recruited for the defensive side of the ball. This defense is awful for the 3rd year in a row. We don’t have SEC talent manning the defense. We have a few SEC ballplayers, but not many. You aren’t going to compete with that level of recruiting.

Coaching in the SEC in not an easy job, but coaches are paid incredible sums of money to do it. He has made over 20 million dollars or will have made that after year 5 with a large buyout at his disposal. He will never have to work again if he choses not to. That is a pretty good deal. Coach tried hard…it just didn’t work for him. Next.

One could argue that Arkansas needs to be a little different. Running to the spread might have made us a little different a decade ago. Now it would put us in the mainstream. A pro style power running attack is actually “different” now.

I think many fans just want lots of passing. Period. Full stop. They wanted more passing when Hatfield was winning. They wanted more passing under Ford and Nutt. Petrino passed and won. Those folks probably almost passed out with euphoria. Thing is, Petrino is an offensive genius. It is him. Not his scheme. Unfortunately, he’s also an ass, and with that brings problems.

I am not personally giving up on Bielema. Many have. I get it. But I agree with Hogmodo…I don’t think we have to go total opposite to Bielema if we do hire someone new. Being a little different if you’re Arkansas is good. And don’t tell me Bama runs our offense. They do not. They are now running spread with power plays. Its not the same offense.

Aside from special teams, CBB has been able to field a strong enough unit to win the NC everywhere on the field at some point. The problem is that he hasn’t maintained consistency anywhere, and a fatal weakness pops up somewhere just as one problem gets fixed. He’s not really proof of what we can and can’t do. He just hasn’t been able to put it all together on the same team for that magical year. He came pretty close in 2015.

That said, whenever we hire a new coach, I’ll be in favor of one that knows how to sling it with high efficiency.

I was right there with you, but Saturday changed everything for me. South Carolina is not a team that should beat us by more than two scores. I like his brand of football, I like, with the exception of the OLine, the players he has recruited, and I like him. But it’s his coaching that I don’t like. When was the last time we have come from behind to win a game? Where did that brand of “four quarters of football” go? I always dismissed the fact that we seem to be horrible in the second half, but it’s a very true statement, and it happens because of a lack of coaching, not the players. I really thought he was the right guy back in year 2 and 3 when they were hungry for wins and we were creaming people in the fourth quarter. That whole mantra and the will to win has seemingly disappeared. I’d get back on the Bielema bandwagon if he can fix this problem, but it just doesn’t seem like he even wants to.

I don’t think the D is awful. Not great but better than it has been…40th in the country in total yards. That’s good enough to win with a decent/good offense and special teams.

We give up 5.9 yards per play, which is 86th. Totals yards can be a misnomer. If we give the other team great field position, they don’t need to go as far to score. If we control the ball, the other team doesn’t have the opportunity to gain yards. Yards per play is a much better stat IMO.

That said, it has improved from a year ago. We were 122 out of 128!!!

I’ll buy that…it seems we play pretty good D for several plays in a row and then BANG! 60 yd TD…Our penchant for giving up big plays is simply amazing. That’s killed our yards per play average.

A new OL coach might be the answer. I think the linemen can be found to fit this offensive style but it will take a good coach/recruiter in that position. I’m not sure KA cannot do it, but based on these last two years, it doesn’t look good for him. The DL will get better or should with Mr. Gooden and more players like that.

i really could not care less HOW we win as long as we WIN

Win enough to be relevant.

it is nigh on impossible to have faith the current HC can accomplish this at arkansas

we became irrelevant nationally… now we are the national radar as a big LOSER.

people are interested in the dumpster fire
making the next big hoodie jokes
the more we lose big the more attention we will get this year

not the good kind

but yeah. i dont care what kind of offense we run. bring back the wish bone. or the flex bone… just win

i think most of us would be happy with just winning

Isn’t Ragnow from Wisconsin? Why does everybody think we should look to Texas for O-Linemen. They are all spread teams. I wish Coach B would head north again and find lineman that know how to run block. That seems logical to me.

Minnesota but your point is taken…

when early naysayers spoke it was always wait…got to give a coach 5 years to really MEASURE his program(success)…Well here we are at year

5…Its funny how year 5 is always the measuring stick until we get to year 5 then it always changes…WE got Totally

manhandled,EMBARRASSED,and completely ass whipped last week not even counting the COLLAPSE at the end of last season

There was a time not many years ago that IF we played TCU or OSU we were gonna WIN 8 out of 10 times NOT ANYMORE!!!

whether its lack of speed, style of play, recruiting----coach B nice guy but time to move on…TOTALLY agree with JACKSON & Jhawg

PS Arkansas is the worst THIRD down defense in the nation