Lets not spin or sunshine this one

We all love the program whether glass half full or half empty people.

Losing to worst team in conference in year four is not progress - at least doesn’t feel that way at the moment.

I’m in minority but wondering about whether this program has the right AD management to overcome recruiting disadvantages and win an SEC title.

My concern isn’t necessarily today. We were demolished by the top 4 teams in our conference. Year 4 and regression. Not just the defense (which is abysmal), but the offensive line…

It was embarrassing …

Change begins with staff–especially defensive side, but the O Line never made much progress consistently, either. Can’t come close to winning this conference/division (same thing) with a defense like that. Need better speed and talent on defense to compete. O Line is now a clear liability and Austin regressed because of the constant jailbreaks up front.


We have got to make changes in our defense scheme and in our defensive coaches. I was in minority earlier in the year who thought Rob Smith should be fired. I am no longer in the minority. That defensive team in the 2nd half was horrible. I think I have seen better high school defense than what we showed today. On the offensive side Enos usually calls a good game but in 2nd half we get the ball at our 43 after Missouri had just scored and what do we do but throw 3 straight passes when we have 2 of the best running backs in SEC. I don’t get it! Midway through 4rth we had 4th and goal from the 5 and we go for it (Bielema’s decision) and get nothing. Had we gone and made the FG we would have had only needed FG to win the game. Poor decision making by the head man himself!

With you all the way. I’m 100% sunshine. But the questions have been mounting all season, and today was just plain pathetic. There is not a positive word to be said – not one.

You don’t have to be on a motorcycle to fall in another ditch. Can’t wait to hear how everything is correctable as long as we own it.

I don’t think anyone will spin this

Even Stevie Wonder

Pathetic second half

Hate to disagree but…we will get all kinds of coach-speak and demagoguery

Not really. You won’t at all. But, I don’t expect you will admit it when it doesn’t happen.

They’ll own it. But, it really doesn’t matter either way. It’s not about whether they spin it in the aftermath. It’s about their inability to avoid inexcusable losses like this every year.

This. Right. Here.

a failure to set the edge–again!! :lol:

Where is the spin and demogaugery? Right. Here. Or. Anywhere?

There’s no way to spin this. It was awful. But one doesn’t have to be happy or offer excuses to think it’s a bad idea to change coaches & basically start all over. I suppose one can argue that had we kept CBP we’d be a top 10 program right now, but we’ve had 7 coaches since JFB (not counting Joe Kines) & not one of them have made fans happy after about 4 years. Holtz inherited a great program & his best year was his first. Hatfield inherited a good program & fans ran him off. (We can argue about how much fault JFB had in that, but the howls for Hatfield’s head were loud & long from lots of fans.). Crowe never did well. Ford the same. Nutt’s best year was his first. Everyone of them “had to be replaced” to get someone who would recruit better, scheme better, call plays better, & get us back to 1964. Only CBP left “on top”, like I said,who knows how long that would’ve lasted. Either way, it was his own character that brought him down.

And for those of you too young to remember, a whole lot of fans were past ready for Frank to retire by as early as 1970. The early 70’s stirred that even worse.

I know the tendency among fans is always to blame the coach. Often the coach is to blame to some extent, but everyone seems to think other teams don’t have good coaches & good players, too. Even Mizzou. All of them are capable of winning and losing for any number of reasons & more often than not they’re beyond the control of any one coach or player.

I’m saying all this not because I’m at all happy with what I saw today. Not to excuse whatever caused the loss. What I’m saying is the knee jerk reaction to “get someone who will win” is usually wrong. You can say it’s “making excuses” because you’d rather blame the coach than recognize it’s always going to be harder to win at Arkansas than it is at half the schools in the SEC. Four of the places who have it better are in the SECW. Fire the coach if you want, but that’s not changing. Counting JFB I’ve seen 8 Razorback head coaches & except for one year, we’ve never done what we want. Just perhaps the problem isn’t coaching.

“It is hard to win at Arkansas” making its appearance and “the problem isn’t coaching” checking in to the game.

When will “ESPN hates Arkansas” and “We play in the SEC West” show up?

Today sucked. Bad. This is a great post. Great perspective.

Yes. Because it’s true. History says so.

It’s always so simplistic to blame coaching, but for people like you it feels good, so you do it. Everyone enjoys blaming someone else. Some just make a habit of doing it. You fall into the latter category.

I prefer winning. That feels good.

By the way, have you ever seen for me to call for a head coach to be fired on this board?

I hope CBB doesn’t spin the loss. He has to own it. His staff and players let him down totally. I’m sorry for the players, but they were a group of underachievers. :frowning: