Let's Look at "The Others"

I think at this point… Sampson is probably staying at Houston…Sounds like CB is staying or going to Texas or holding out for Texas (besides, we are just hoping he’d come… I haven’t seen or heard anything that makes us think he’s on the list of HY).

So My others start with…

Eric Musselman - Only makes 1 Mil a year at Nevada… Good coach with an NBA and international Basketball Pedigree. Could help with recruiting…

Fred Hoiberg - He’s a great offensive mind; I’ve heard some say he doesn’t concentrate on Defense much… maybe not, but I sure do remember going to Iowa State and having trouble scoring.

Jaime Dixon - Casual Fans may not know the name, but he’s a good coach. He’s reportedly making 3.2 mil at TCU… So this one probably is unattainable.

Those are apparently high on UCLA’s list too… so that may be tough to get.

Porter Moser - He would be a disappointment for most fans, but I think he can and would do a really good job. He got a Raise From 400K last year, but I can’t imagine it being more that 1.5 Mil. now. He’s been in Arkansas before too.

None of those are a better coach than MA. If that happens, then HY will have a lot of explaining to do.

Musselman is the only one on that list that I think would fit well with Arkansas. Besides what you listed, he’s also had SEC experience, which will help in recruiting.

I would rather have Gregg Marshall or Mick Cronin.

It’s not really an Arkansas coaching search until somebody claims that Doc Saddler is on our shortlist :smiley:

I think HY screwed up! If he don’t have a plan he’s guilty of making the same mistake He fired CMA for!
If he wants a home run hire he needs to be soon ! Bama got their man pretty quick and apparently that AD had a plan before he fired Avery Johnson.
We may all be suprised in the next few weeks with who pops out of the wood work!

I really wanted Dixon when we let Heath go and hired Pelphrey; and then really, really wanted him when we left JP go. We ended up with Mike, and I was fine with that because - like many others - I thought he’d be able to recapture the “40 minutes” magic now that the Nolan lawsuits had come and gone, and things were “settling down”. Sure I knew it would take 2 or 3 years, but that would have been OK.

But getting back to Dixon, he had it going on at Pitt from the mid 2000’s to the time he came to TCU, averaging more than 25 wins per season and a winning record in the NCAAT, including a Sweet 16 showing, and an Elite Eight appearance a couple of years later. He was around 40-45; not an “up and comer” but a “pretty much there and young enough to stay for a couple of decades” type. PLus, he was a “hot” name among coaches, and you could see him making a big splash if he chose to come to Arkansas.

But now, my (ample) gut tells me he’s on the downside. Oh, he’ll be a “good” coach for TCU or someone for the next 10-15 years, but I don’t see him breaking through and making multiple Final Fours or cutting down the nets with a Championship. Time may prove me wrong, but that’s what I believe.

That said, I’d take Dixon over Sampson. Never have liked KS much. If we hire him, I’ll approach it with as open a mind as I can, because I WANT to like our coach. Hopefully, I’m wrong about him.

I just totally forgot about Marshall… He may be ready to leave Wichita St. now that has had some defections and a down year.

Pretty sure my fellow former Razorback basketball manager under Coach Sutton has burned that bridge with some disparaging comments about the program when he was not interviewed.

Obviously is a great coach, but one wonders about the six transfers (including Austin Reeves to Oklahoma) he had out of the program after last season.


Bo Mattingly once covered Eric Musselman when he was coaching the Florida Sharks/West Palm Beach Dogs.

He’s a big fan of him as a coach and a person.

Eric Musselman

Professional Coaching Experience

    1989-90, 91-95: Head Coach, Rapid City Thrillers (CBA)
    1990-91: Assistant Coach, Minnesota Timberwolves
    1995-96: Head Coach, Florida Sharks (USBL)
    1996-97: Head Coach, Florida/W. Palm Beach Dogs (CBA)
    1998-00: Assistant Coach, Orlando Magic
    2000-02: Assistant Coach, Atlanta Hawks
    2002-04: Head Coach, Golden State Warriors (NBA)
    2004-06: Assistant Coach, Memphis Grizzlies
    2006-07: Head Coach, Sacramento Kings (NBA)
    2010-11: Head Coach, Reno Bighorns (NBADL)
    2011-12: Head Coach, Los Angeles D-Fenders (NBADL)
College Coaching Experience
    2012-13: Assistant Coach, Arizona State
    2013-14: Associate Head Coach, Arizona State
    2014-15: Associate Coach, LSU
    2015-present: Head Coach, University of Nevada

Professional Coaching Record: Overall: 566-340

    NBA: 108-138 (.439) 3 years - Golden State (2002-04), Sacramento (2006-07)
    CBA: 270-122 (.689) 7 years - Rapid City (1989-1995), Florida/West Palm (1995-97)
    USBL: 53-3 (.946) 2 years - Florida/Bradenton (1995-1996)
    NBA-DL: 77-30 (.720) - Reno (2010-11), Los Angeles (2011-12)
International Coaching Experience
2009: China
2010: USA
2010–11: Dominican Republic
2011–13: Venezuela

Sounds like a my way or the highway kinda guy…sure spanked Indiana’s but on their home floor. He is one on my wish list.
Musselman too, either would be good.

I want big Nasty for our new coach.

While that might be good for me professionally, I don’t see that happening as it didn’t work well at UCA and he apparently enjoys coaching - and not recruiting - in the NBA.

Re: Greg Marshall. He wins and his teams get better as the season goes on. They’re great on defense, good enough on offense. This year’s team’s started really slow and is finishing really strong. Those are the positives.

The negatives: High maintenance, abrasive, short-tempered. The number of recent transfers might be telling. Also, he’s very highly paid. He makes power 5 money in the $3 million range. That would be an expensive gamble on a guy who sometimes seems on the edge of melting down.

3.5 Mil is the # I’m seeing…ranking 12th on the list I’m looking at. Yeah, not gonna happen.
Gamble? 502-195 Career…cool 72%…I like those odds :sunglasses:

I read all the names listed in this post and had a panic attack.

This won’t go two weeks I’d bet my last dollar, HY has a plan we just aren’t in on it. WPS

When Wichita State was riding high two years ago there was some muted discussion about him having a coaching style that wears players out mentally. Some guys respond to that, some don’t. Marshall does seem to have righted the ship at least temporarily the way his guys are playing in the NIT, and he makes really good money there.

I was depressed when I learned that Mike was fired. I got over that quickly (same day) and got excited at the thought of a fresh start with a big time new coach. Over the last few days and looking at every coaching name in this thread, I am starting to feel depression come over again.