Let's look ahead. Say we get a spread coach, will Cole Kelley be our future QB?

I know he is sort of a dual threat, but not really that much quickness in his legs.

I don’t think that really suits what he does best. Wouldn’t be surprised if he transferred. However, he has used his RS, so you have to factor that in.


You know he did QB a spread team in high school.

I do but don’t think he has the wheels to operate one coached by Gus, Norvell, etc assuming we go down that path.

No, Cole is not a true DT qb.

He has some speed and power, when he gets his momentum, but he’s not quick enough.

He has a great arm, and needs to be deep in a pocket throwing bombs.

I personally think, as stated elsewhere, we see someone else.

I differ on this with you a little Jackson. He reminds me of Matt Jones. He looks big, awkward, and slow, but look at the guys chasing him. They’re not moving very slow and not making up a lot of ground either.

The main thing with cole, is that he won’t scare defenses in a read option offense, which is what I believe we will be heading towards.

He scares the Defense in short yardage power dives.

I don’t think you have to run a 4.6 to run spread option, especially when you can fling it like CK. All he has to do is mix it in enough to keep the defense honest. You really don’t think Stidham at Auburn is a great runner, do you? When Fuentes was at Memphis, they ran spread option plays with Paxton Lynch, who is a slightly smaller version of CK with less speed and strength.

I agree you don’t have to be a test runner but you need to be a good one.

Stidham is a surprisingly good runner.

Paxton ran a 4.8 at the combine, I don’t think Kelley would run a true 4.8.

You need lateral quickness though.

Jerry’s grandson. Kid can play.

I’m sure he is great kid but he is not an SEC QB. Really, someone tell me why I’m wrong. He wouldn’t start at any other SEC school. If he is what we got we are screwed.

I bet he will start eventually at a D1 school. And maybe an SEC school. And maybe at Arkansas. Your school. But what do I know?

Cole is not fast enough to be a true dual threat.

Cole doesn’t throw well enough to be a pocket passer. I don’t think he’s the future

SO, what are going to be our options and any info you could give would be appreciated!! Size speed, year, speed, arm strength Etc.
Do we have one in the class coming in?

If I knew the answer to that I would have said it already.

I don’t know, just like anyone else.

Could be Hyatt, who is very mobile and already on campus, 6’4 and as thin as plywood for your measurements.

Could be Noland, incoming freshman, who is a pure passer with a lot of natural athleticism to run.

Could Be Bohanon true DT who needs a prayer to adjust to the SEC as a freshman.

Could be a Juco guy.

Could be a transfer.

Heck for all we know it could be Storey or Kelley.

But I guarantee one thing, it will be one of the above!

Does not throw well enough to be a pocket passer? BS.