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Interesting tidbits about today’s game:

Texas A&M is Arkansas’ most common opponent, having met on 166 previous occasions, and are meeting for the third time this year.

The Razorbacks own a 106-60 advantage in the series. The 106 wins are the most wins for Arkansas versus an opponent.

And then, there is this…

This will be another battle for the Hogs. For some reason, though, I worried more about Auburn. I feel we will do well against the Aggies today. WPS!

More interesting series notes, from our game preview:

Texas A&M defeated Arkansas 82-64 in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament last season in Tampa, Fla…Arkansas and Texas A&M will meet in a conference tournament for the eighth time. The Razorbacks and Aggies played six times at the Southwest Conference Tournament between 1980 and 1991, including twice in the semifinals and once in the championship game. The Razorbacks held a 4-2 edge in games played at the SWC Tournament.

The key to this game for us is controlling Taylor who has absolutely killed us pretty much every time we played them… we shut him and Radford down we win this game by 10 points provided we don’t shoot the ball horribly

Who sweats the most Buzz or Pearl? How often does Buzz pop a button on his vest? How many ounces of Diet Coke does Muss drink in a game? Is it really Diet Coke? Who will be out on the floor the most, Muss or Buzz?

Are you setting up prop bets for today’s game, Clay? That damn Diet Coke must be 80 degrees by the end of the game.

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I don’t know how Buzz does it. Every time they show a shot of him on the sideline I turn my AC down.


The key late especially is to make free throws and
Avoid the 3 to 4 minute scoring droughts. The hogs should have won the game in college station this season. Our hugs can build a lead and just continue to commit TO’s and throw a lead away.
The question is can they stop it.

I’ll say Buzz on the sweating. He seems to have a sweaty forehead at the start of the game. I’m glad our coaches wear comfortable clothing - Buzz looks like his clothes are a size too small. If Muss is sipping something stronger than Diet Coke, he can sure hold his spirits, because he hits it pretty good during a game.

Yes I think we match up very well with Texas A&M we have the bigs that can play with them and we have the guard size and athleticism to be able to control them. Taylor has eaten Us alive every time we play them and Radford is capable of doing that if we’re not careful…
Definitely have to hit free throws then be consistent scoring throughout… we are very capable of winning this game unless we beat ourselves

Buzz also is a fan of some sort of gum that looks to be chicklets to me based on the packaging and white piece in each packet. I saw him a week or so at a home game on TV and he had a stack of the packets and was constantly popping one out….he chews a ton of them in a game!!!

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Might be some type of nicotine gum.

have noticed that! wonder what it is??