Lets keep some perspective folks

It wasn’t just one or two calls that cost us the game. We have to give credit to CSU as well. They had the same kind of late game heroics against Hawaii(I’m not sure about Colorado), so though they’ve lost two games, they kept fighting and they did last night as well.

That’s not to say we didn’t fight, we certainly did, but again, one or two plays didn’t decide this game. We were inside the 10 yard line twice and came away with 6 instead of 14 points. If Limpert hit his long field goal to make it 30-9, then at worst, we probably would have gone into overtime to see who wins. Point is, we left points off the board and it cost us.

The positives are the first game, we established a passing game and the second game a running game, we just need a complete game from our offense. Our defense needs work, especially in the passing defense, but they have shown in two games the ability to cause turnovers/turnover opportunities. There are things to build off of and should be focused on going forward.

You are right. I did not expect much out of this season but I did not expect us to blow fourth quarter leads like we have done in the past few seasons. Very frustrating to see.
Going to be tough to win any more games playing like this. We gave up so much in the passing game that I am afraid of North Texas. Don’t think we can keep them under 400 yards passing.

One slight disagreement - we did not establish a passing game against Eastern Illinois. We did complete several deep passes against an outmanned FCS secondary, but the short to medium passing game was never really established and it was not established last night.

Our offense is like a Basketball team without a Point Guard. Our existing QB’s are not capable of distributing the ball to playmakers. Our Oline needs mobile QB period! Our Oline is pretty decent at pass blocking, but we don’t really know if we can run block since CSU’s run defense is so bad.

Our defense needs improvement in the passing defense or we will lose to UNT. The defense has definitely shown the ability to cause turnovers/turnover but we need to look at our help on hot WR like CSU’s #11. I agree, there are things to build upon going forward.

It is plain stupid to talk about firing and saying this staff is bad. This is the same personnel that was 4-8 last year but with a WORSE QB.